Votex Vacuum Trailer VT1100

With 11m3, the Votex VT1100 has the biggest net capacity of all Votex vacuum trailers.

The VT1100 can be provided with the same options as the VT850. The larger volume makes it perfectly suitable to be used in conjunction with flail mowers. The amount of unloading moments decreases with no less than 30% compared to the VT850.

Votex Vacuum Trailer VT1100 Features:

  • Durable construction.
  • Perfect for collecting grass, leaves or litter.
  • Manouvrable due to limited width and length.
  • Optional is a 2 meter funnel.
  • Opitional suction boom with oscillating system.
  • Practical, robust and maximum capacity.
Product Information
Votex Vacuum Trailer VT1100
Specifications VT1100
Min. PTO Power (kW/hp) 44,0/60
PTO Drive Shaft (rpm) 540
Net Weight (kg) 2.600
Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 565x195x325
Container Capacity (m3) 11,0

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