Votex Roadmaster 07 Modular Mower

The Roadmaster 07 modular is an in-line flail mower that can have a rear outlet, a discharge belt or an auger.

Just like the standard Roadmaster 07, the modular version has a heavy drivetrain, parallel arms for the side shift and various front-mounted and drawn attachment options. The standard ECOMOW® mowing head allows a high vegetation feed-through without high power needs.

It is the optional front-trailed linkage that makes the Roadmaster 07 unique, because it makes the front-mounted machine act like a drawn machine.

Votex Roadmaster 07 Modular Mower Features:

  • Can be equipped with a rear outlet, a discharge belt or an auger.
  • Unique front-trailed linkage.
Product Information
Votex Roadmaster 07 Modular Mower
Specifications 2607
Category II/III
Mounting Position Front or Rear
Min. PTO Power (kW/hp) 60/82
PTO Drive Shaft (rpm) 1000
Cutting Width (cm) 253
Overall Width (cm) 291
Weight (kg) 1.040

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