Votex Jumbo Frontline Side Flail Mower

The side flail mower for front mounting. The Jumbo Frontline has the same features as the Jumbo, but a unique frame makes it possible to attach the mower very close to the tractor. The side shift and the safety break back system, in case the machine is struck against an obstacle, are integrated in the same frame. This creates a very compact mower that is attached to the tractor in a very stable way because of the short mounting system.

Votex Jumbo Frontline Flail Mower Features:

  • Heavy duty frame and extremely close to the tractor for optimum control.
  • Power Band driven - no loss of power.
  • Ideal for verges, banks and ditches.
  • Hydraulic float system to follow ground variations.
  • 420 mm hydraulic side shift.
  • Safety break back system if obstacle is struck.
Product Information
Votex Side Flail Mower Jumbo Frontline
Specifications 120 150 190 230
Mounting Position Front Front Front Front
Min. PTO Power (kW/hp) 30/40 40/55 50/68 60/82
PTO Drive Shaft (rpm) 750/1000 750/1000 750/1000 750/1000
Cutting Width 109 145 181 217
Overall Width (cm) 222 222 222 222
Weight (kg) 945 1005 1065 1125

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