Votex B20 PTO Blower

The B20 is suitable for tractors starting from 20 hp. It can be used as a front or rear mounted machine. Available with options like a 180 degrees rotatable blow funnel, extension hose with blow pipe for cycle paths or a terrain adjusting wheel set.

The fan with forced air guidance makes the B20 a unique machine. The shape of the fan and the fan casing force the air to flow outside without any chance of inside loss. Besides that, the air funnel is reduced to achieve the perfect balance between airflow and airspeed. A large amount of air in order to move a large amount of materials, a high airspeed in order to release the material from the ground. This makes the users of this machine experience it as an unmatched powerful blower, leaving many of its heavier competitors behind. There is a reason for the B20 being market leader within its segment.

Votex B20 PTO Blower Features:

  • Powerful blower with modest power requirement.
  • Lots of pressure.
  • Available in several PTO speeds and directions.
  • Suitable for front mounting.
  • Terrain adapting undercarriage is optional.
  • Optional 125° fixed air outlet for narrow lanes.
  • Optional 180° hydraulic rotatable air outlet.
Product Information
Votex B20 PTO Blower
Specifications B20
Category IN and I, II
Mounting Front or Rear
Min. PTO Power (kW/hp) 14,5/ 20,0
PTO Drive Shaft (rpm) 540/1000
Weight (kg) 98
Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 70x95x83

Votex PTO Blower B20

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