Votex B10 PTO Blower

From all the PTO driven blowers, B10 is the blower to start with. A noiseless aluminum blower, combined with a steel fan casing, turns this blower into a robust but silent and extremely light machine. With a 67 kg weight, this is a no-nonsense machine that makes an excellent combination with the mini and compact tractors starting from 10hp.

Perfect for terrains that are slightly too large for a push or back blower, and terrains that are hard to reach with a larger tractor, including driveways, large gardens or playgrounds.

Also perfectly suitable for the maintenance of artificial grass surfaces. With the standard vertical airflow guide you are able to adjust the airflow in order to blow away the leaves instead of the compound.

The Votex B10. Small and light but powerful.

Votex B10 PTO Blower Features:

  • Durable, efficient and easy to use.
  • Housing of durable sheet steel.
  • Aluminium fan for low weight and power requirement.
  • Vertical air guidance flap with remote control.
  • Optional 45° air outlet for narrow lanes.
  • Fits to compact tractors from 10HP.
Product Information
Votex B10 PTO Blower
Specifications B10
Category IN and I
Mounting Rear
Min. PTO Power (kW/hp) 7,5/ 10,0
PTO Drive Shaft (rpm) 540
Weight (kg) 67
Dimensions LxWxH (cm) 48x94x81

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