Truxor Doro Cutter ESM 20

The Doro Cutter ESM 20 is a front-mounted cutter with double-action Busati knives. In comparison to the single-action knives, the double-action knives are more efficient and have a higher cutting capacity. The ESM 20 is recommended when the water depth is less than 50 cm. A stone release system protects the knives from stopping when coming into contact with solid objects.

Truxor Doro Cutter ESM 20 Features:

  • Front mounted.
  • Double-action Busati knives.
  • Stone release system to protect the knives.
  • Recommended for water depth less than 50cm.
Product Information
Truxor Doro Cutter ESM 20
Cutting Depth 0.5 m
Working Width 2.1 m
Weight 72 kg
Item no. 90-27900

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