Truxor Doro Cutter D20/D30

The Doro Cutter D20 is the perfect solution for common reed cutting in most aquatic environments. The cutter is hydraulically operated and easy to attach to Truxor’s tool bracket. The cutting depth is 1m. The knives are replaceable with a working width from 2.2 to up to 4 metres.

The Doro cutter D20 and D30 must be used in water, which lubricates the knives during work and is therefore not suitable for use on land. A stone release system protects the knives if they come into contact with solid objects. The Doro cutter D30 is the same model but its cutting depth has been increased to 1.4 m. The knives of the cutter are delivered with a working width of 4 metres.

Truxor Doro Cutter Features:

  • Hydraulically operated.
  • Easy to attach.
  • Cutting depth of 1m.
  • Replaceable knives with a working width from 2.2m up to 4m.
  • Stone release system to protect the knives.
Product Information
Truxor Doro Cutter D20
Cutting Depth 1.0 m
Working Width 4 m
Weight 66 kg
Item no: 95-20300
Knives (4 m) included
Cutting Depth 1.4 m
Working Width 4 m
Weight 70 kg
Item no: 95-20400
Knives (4 m) included

Truxor Knife Sets

  • Working width 2.2m. Item no. 95-70022
  • Working width 3m. Item no. 95-70030
  • Working width 4m. Item no. 95-70040

Truxor Doro Cutter

Truxor Doro Cutter 3091

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