Truxor Doro Pump

The Truxor Doro Pump is a hydraulically operated dredge pump with a screw feeder that breaks off and feeds sediment into the pump intake. The Doro pump is easy to attach and changing to another tool takes only a few minutes. The Doro pump is delivered ready for assembly on the lifting arm.

The Doro pump can be delivered with the following accessories: hydraulically operated telescopic extension to increase the dredging depth and facilitate maneuvering.

Truxor Doro Pump Features

  • Hydraulically operated dredge pump.
  • Easy to attach.
  • Delivered ready for assembly on the lifting arm.

Doro Pump Standard Kit:

1 hydraulically operated feeding screw, 6 m spiral tubing incl. couplings, 25 m flat tubing Ø 105 mm with camlock quick coupling with buoyancy tube. 10 floaters, 5 m flat tubing with quick coupling and end nozzle, 1 suction nozzle, 1 DM attachment 0.9m, 1 extension 0.7 m, 1 bracket set for dredging hose.

Suction dredging in pure sand is done using a suction tube which is mounted in the pump intake (the feeding screw is removed). The suction tube is included in the standard kit.

Product Information
Truxor Doro Pump
Doro Pump with Feeding Screw:
Weight 94 kg
Dredging Depth 1.6m
Working Width 0.8m
The Doro pump is supplied with a standard kit.
Standard Set Weight 86 kg
Max. Capacity 130 m3/hour
Max Capacity with Lifing Height:
1 Metre 120 m3/hour
2 Metre 110 m3/hour
3 Metre 100 m3/hour
The lifting height, hose length, type of sediment etc. all affect the maximum capacity. In order to ensure even sediment flow, knives are mounted on the intakeof the pump.
Item no. 78-2502
Truxor telescopic Extension Dredging Depth 2.4m
Item no. 94-129500
Flat tubing
105 mm (50 m)
Item no. 78-105
Camlock, Female Item no. 78-5626102
Camlock, Male Item no. 78-5646102
Hose Clip 110 mm Item no. 01-110D20

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