Titan Leaf Cap

The ultimate in versatility, the Titan Leaf Cap combines all of the unique features of the Titan Leaf Box and Titan Chipper Cap into a single unit. Custom fit to your existing dump body, use the Titan Leaf Cap as a leaf collection body, or remove the door and install the dump body tailgate to use as a chip collector. The Titan Leaf Cap is constructed of 10-gauge carbon steel, with 1/2" expanded metal roof vents for leaf collection. The unit is custom fit for each application, utilizing the dump body’s side board pockets for positioning and mounting.

Titan Leaf Cap Features:

  • Sloped sides and front provide styled look.
  • Custom fit to your dump body - rubber flap supplied helps gap (air tight not guaranteed).
  • Bolts in place using board pockets.
  • Rubber nozzle seal.
  • Tube frame around rear opening.
  • Top lifting eye.
  • 10 gauge sides, front, and door.
  • 1/2" expanded metal vents.
Product Information
Titan Leaf Cap
TLC8 8' 90" 46" 13 cubic yards 1,200 lbs
TLC10 10' 90" 46" 16 cubic yards 1,400 lbs
TLC12 12' 90" 46" 19 cubic yards 1,600 lbs

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