Titan Leaf Box

Slip in design for use in collecting leaves. Installs in a dump body or on a flat bed, and adapts to most any leaf collection unit. Many options are available to customize the Titan Leaf Box to fit your exact needs. The Titan Leaf Box is built with what you need and no more! 12-gauge carbon steel sides and ends, 1/2" expanded metal roof and a short floor for overhanging the floor of the host vehicle. The manual door latch is operated from the driver’s side, keeping the operator out of harms way of oncoming traffic.

Titan Leaf Box Features:

  • 12 gauge sides, front and rear (1/2' expanded metal roof).
  • Manual door release (operated from driver side).
  • Door hinge: (3) 1" pins with offset hinges.
  • Four lifting / tie down lugs.
  • Separate door lifting eye.
  • Rubber nozzle seal.
  • Short floor design for body overhang.
  • Nozzle support roller.
Product Information
Titan Leaf Box
TLB8 8' 72" 68" 10 cubic yards 1,400 lbs
TLB9 9' 72" 68" 11.3 cubic yards 1,500 lbs
TLB10 10' 72" 68" 12.5 cubic yards 1,600 lbs
TLB12 12' 72" 68" 15 cubic yards 1,800 lbs

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