Tiger Railkut Truck Mounted Mower

With the power and versatility of this innovative machine, you can mow along rail, trim low hanging branches, or clear a highway intersection. Once you've finished the job, you can drive the Railkut at highway speeds, improving overall productivity. Available in 22' and 24' boom lengths.

Railkut Safety Features:

  • Master on/off switch.
  • Operator presence switches on right side door.
  • Mower safety start switch.
  • Brush guard extending over cab.
  • Operator protective screen covers right hand door.
  • Manual emergency over-ride.
  • Safety stop: 7 second shut down.
Product Information
Tiger Railkut Truck Mounted Mower

Railkut Specifications:

  • Engine Type: Tier 4 Final 4 cyl. Turbo diesel.
  • 74 horsepower @1,800 RPM
  • Electronic adjustable throttle control.
  • 45 GPM @ 3,250 PSI hydraulic system.
  • Quick removable truck bed.

Four Wheel Drive F550 Truck Specifications:

  • Right side camera with viewing monitor in truck.
  • Engine: Turbo 8cyl. Diesel.
  • 6.7 liter, 300 Horsepower @ 2,800 RPM.
  • 40 gallon fuel tank, supplies both engines.
  • Dual station power steering.
  • Rafna rail gear.
  • Hyrail System: Bolt on rated to 28,000 lbs. Manual locking, up and down brakes, hydraulic front.


  • Snowblower
  • Saw Blade
  • Auger
  • Tree Shear
  • Fire Supression
  • Turbine Blower
  • Boom Sweeper
  • Ditcher
  • 50" Rotary Cutter
  • 50" and 63" Flail


  • Trailer Hitch

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