Tiger Attachments

Tiger Claw Attachment


Tiger Claw Attachment Features:

  • For transport, the Tiger Claw manually folds to rear of tractor and is secured with a transport lock.
  • Hydraulic top link positions the working angle of the claw.
  • Patented angle design effectively moves and mulches 37" of material.
  • Road side reclaimer.
  • Cat 2, 3 point hitch.
  • One Dual Rear Remote required for standard unit.
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Tiger Ditcher Attachment


Tiger Ditcher Attachment Features:

  • Standard cutting head equipped with three heat treated, self-sharpening, replaceable knives and wear plates 22" diameter cutting width.
  • Hydraulic deflector chute allows you to place the spoils where you want them.
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Tiger FireKat Attachment


Tiger FireKat Attachment Features:

  • 25, 50 or 100 gallon poly tank and a sump.
  • 50 foot hose reel with single nylon braid hose.
  • 12 volt diaphram with flow rating of 4.5 GPM @ 45 psi.
  • Stainless steel spray gun with cone to straight spray pattern.
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Tiger Saw Blade Attachment

Saw Blade

Tiger Saw Blade Attachment Features:

  • Carbide tip teeth that are replaceable.
  • Reinforced center for added blade strength.
  • Up to 6" diameter material with the BENGAL series.
  • Up to 8" diameter material with the SABER series.
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Tiger Snow Plow Attachment

Snow Plow

Tiger Snow Plow Attachment Features:

  • 11' moldboard front plow features a front blade equipped with plasma cut steel ribs and six tension trip springs.
  • 30" blade height constructed from 10 mm steel.
  • 3" x 4" tubular steel push frame.
  • Dual cylinders for angling, 30" left and right.
  • Single lift cylinder.
  • AASHTO punched 1/2" thick cutting edges.
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Tiger Snowblower Attachment

Snow Panther

Tiger Snow Blower Attachment Features:

  • Hydraulic adjustable discharge chute.
  • Delivery system is replaceable, high carbon steel cutter blade.
  • Hydraulic motor rated at 930 lbs. of maximum intermittent torque.
  • Adaptable to any heavy duty Tiger boom mower, (Truckat or Tractor mounted).
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Tiger Sweeper Attachment


Tiger Sweeper Attachment Features:

  • Heavy duty 32" diameter brush constructed of 50% poly and 50% wafer core materials.
  • Sweeper drive system powered by two hydraulic motors.
  • Tractor hydraulics control hydraulic lift and angle control.
  • 30° angle left and right.
  • Tiger has the 5' Boom Sweeper that attaches to both the Bengal and Saber Booms.
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Tiger WetCut Attachment

WetCut Herbicide Applicator

Tiger WetCut Attachment Features:

  • Aqumix system of 50, 100, and 150 gallon tank mix systems are available.
  • Delivery system consists of a 12 volt positive displacement pump controlled by an automatic rate control system with a pressure sensor and GPS speed sensor.
  • Spray controller provides a digital read out of the application rate, system pressure and the vehicle miles per hour. Chemicals are applied through a fixed zone spray chamber or single offset nozzle.
  • Ideal for applicators who want the precision of computerized rate control with the flip of a single switch.
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