Tiger Triple Flail Mower
Triple Threat

Hydraulically Driven Pull Behind Triple Flail Mower

The power to cut through large swaths of grass...the performance necessary to tackle your toughest mowing areas and built with the strength to last. Get it all with Tiger’s Triple Pull Flail mower.

Tiger has designed an hydraulic driven triple flail pull mower that is completely self-contained. Each mower can operate independently or a combination of any of the 3 mowing heads simultaneously.

Great for wide area and airport mowing, the versatility of this innovative machine allows you to tackle your toughest mowing projects quickly and then simply disconnect the mower and use your tractor for other demanding jobs.

Developed to handle today’s mowing challenges with quick disconnects for easy detachment and built with your transportation needs in mind. When mowers are up and locked, unit is legal width, ready to travel safely from job site to job site.

Designed to attach to any 1000 PTO tractor with easy battery hookup for power. Extreme duty flail mowers can handle grass and brush up to 1” in diameter and boasts a cut path of over 18'8".


  • Herbicide Applicator: Spray chamber attaches to flail and rotary cutter head. Virtually no drift spraying.
Product Information
Tiger Triple Threat Flail Mower


  • Hydraulically Driven: Self contained hydraulic system, PTO powered
  • Hydraulic System: 73.6 GPM (24.5 each section) @ 3,500 PSI
  • Break Valve: Non-restrictive brake valve with 7-second maximum shut down.
  • Transport: Mower is 102” (legal road width) when in upright and locked transport position.
  • Tilt Switch: Adjustable shut off from 0° to 90°, side heads.
  • Cutter Diameter: 1" grass or brush.
  • Cutter Width: 8' 8 ½"
  • Cutter Height: 1/2" to +6"
  • Cutter Shaft: Extreme Duty Flail Type, 6" diameter
  • Cutter Knife: Forged Heavy Duty
  • Tractor Requirement: 85 HP and 1000 PTO

Tiger Triple Flail Mower

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