Side Mount Rotary Mowers

Slicing through the toughest jobs. Available in both 60 and 72 inch cutting widths, Side Rotary Mowers are self-propelled, hydraulically driven, side mounted, Rotary mowers which mow forward and right of the right rear tire.

Unit comes complete with all mounting hardware, tank, hoses, and Rotary Head, ready to mount to tractor.

Cutting assembly is 30.5″ solid one-inch thick steel dish with three (3) 360° swinging, single edged, brush or grass suction knives, attached to dish.

Side Rotary requires 2 spool valve or 2 hydraulic remotes.

60" Side Rotary Mower Blade Size: 12" x 4" x 20"

72" Side Rotary Mower Blade Size: 12" x 4" x 26"

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  • 60" / 72" Side Rotary Mower with Cable Lift
  • 60" / 72" Side rotary Mower with Combo Lift
    — Required on 4 WD tractors

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