Rotary Mowers

Available in 60" and 70" cutting widths, Colvoy offers these rotary mowers for use as side mount, rear mount or as a twin on all makes of tractors.

Side Mount Rotary Mowers

Self-propelled, hydraulically-driven and side-mounted, Diamond's Side Mount Rotary Mowers mow forward and right of the right rear tire.

Rear Rotary Mowers

Self-propelled, hydrauilcally-driven and rear mounted. Rear Rotary Mowers mow behind the tractor.

Twin Rotary Mowers

Available in 60” and 72” cutting widths, the Twin Rotary Mowers are self-propelled and hydraulically-driven, and mow forward and to the right of the right rear tire, as well as behind the tractor.

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