Raymo Electric Mower

Remote Controlled Electric Mower

Clean and silent power.

We believe in silent and zero-emission grasscutting - no matter if it is a home owner, local contractor or municipality doing the work. It is possible to mow quietly and without unnecessary air pollution. And we all deserve it.

Raymo decided to create the tool to do the job on a commercial level - radio controlled, fully electric mowers that are safe, agile, efficient, silent, clean and inexpensive to operate. And there is more: RAYMO is in fact designed as a tool carrier for additional electric attachments that will make your landscaping and gardening work more efficient. The carrier itself is extremely low in height allowing you to access low clearance areas and has an outstanding climbing ability for sloping and undulating terrain. The ZTR steering system in combination with 4WD delivers exceptional driving and maneuvering features. Remote control keeps you in a safe distance further reducing your exposure to noise and dust while you keep an eye on the surrounding environment. By far the most versatile professional electric mower in the world.

An electrifying experience.

Raymo Electric Mower Features:

  • Low maintenance - minimum moving parts means reduced wear and prolonged service intervals.
  • Radio remote control - low machine weight, operator safety, no vibrations, reduced noise and dust exposure, better environment control.
  • Emission free operation.
  • Anti-scalp floating deck is gentle to grass even in complicated and undulating terrain.
  • Mult-E-Care attachment system. Fully compatible with all mower decks. Mowing, mulching, wildflower meadow reaping - choose the deck that suits your requirement.
  • Round the clock mowing. Replaceable battery / power cartridge together with low noise enable you to mow round the clock.
  • Low noise level. A perfect choice for noise sensitive areas, as well as quiet hours. No stress for the operator´s ear.
  • Extremely low height. Difficulty mowing under solar panels, benches, trampolines, trees or other low clearance obstacles? Not for RAYMO with its super-low height. A perfect tool for landscaping and gardening.
  • 4-5 h work time on one pack.
  • Very easy transport on mid-vans or on trailers.
  • 4-Wheel drive with ZTR steering.
  • Sound power level from LWA = 85dB.
  • Sound pressure at operator's ear (3M) from LAeq = 68,7dB
  • Extremely low running cost.
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Raymo Electric Mower
Battery Type Li-Ion
Voltage 50,4 V
Capacity 120 Ah
Operating Time 4-5 h
Charging Time 6-7 h
Fast Charging Time 2 h
Cartridge Weight 45 kg
Length 205 cm
Width 115 cm
Height 51 cm
Weight 238 kg

Application Examples

The best choice for quiet and emission-free zones. Great for slopes and low clearance spots.

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