RasterMaster Mower

Unique 360º Grass and Verge Mower

The RasterMaster® is capable of clearing grass and weeds from obstacles of a variety of shapes. Round, square, oblong, triangular, C-profile and other shapes are not a problem. The minimum distance between the posts is just 1.70 m and the minimum operating height is just 30 cm.

It does this in one pass, making it unique worldwide, because no other mower to date is known to be able to do this. This makes the RasterMaster® twice as efficient as alternative/competing professional mowers. Mowing is necessary from a visual point of view, but also for safety reasons by preventing power leakage from fencing.

Safe and More Efficient

The RasterMaster® is a perfect machine to remove grass from obstacles. It is no longer necessary to mow parts of an object the mower cannot reach separately, because the machine moves 360º around the obstacle and removes all the grass in one pass. It is no longer necessary to carry out additional mowing with the user-unfriendly brushcutter. As a result, it is not only safer, but also more efficient to use the RasterMaster® rather than any other mower. Better for the working conditions and better for the performance. And because the RasterMaster® mows grass in a single pass, working along the public highway is safer for the operator of the mower as well as the other highway users.

Front and Rear Connected

The RasterMaster® Profi is suitable for both front and rear mounting. In the basic setting, the machine is driven in power take-off, power take-off rotational speed 1000 rpm clockwise (normal rotational direction). Other power take-off rotational speeds or a fully hydraulic drive are optional, but an additional cost applies for the fully hydraulic drive.

The machine is suitable for mounting on “normal” as well as semi-compact tractors. It weighs approx. 400 kg and requires at least 24 HP power take-off capacity.

The mower is hydraulically foldable via 1 single-action cylinder; hydraulics are not necessary for the remaining part. A mechanical safety mechanism has been included so that the mower cannot be fully folded with rotating blades unintentionally and in an uncontrolled manner, the mower can then be raised approximately 5° out of the vegetation.

Tractor Guard Window Protection

RasterMaster Mower

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