Promac HSM Series Heavy Duty Skid Steer Mulcher

The Promac HSM Series Heavy Duty Skid Steer Mulcher is Promac's contractor-rated machine built for the operator who values a tough, productive attachment that can work in various ground conditions. Built in Promac's manufacturing facility in Canada, this drum mulcher is made with the highest quality materials and replaceable parts for longevity, ease of maintenance and peace of mind.

Suitable for high flow skid steers from 95-120 hp and hydraulic flow of 35-45 GPM @ 4000 psi, it makes quick work of whatever brush and trees that end up in the way of the 60" wide, 17" diameter drum that is equipped with your choice of three styles cutter teeth to suit the working conditions. The drum is powered by a hydraulic variable torque bent axis piston motor with the Promac Automatic Torque Controller (ATC) for class leading productivity. The mulcher incorporates high strength steel and wear resistant parts that are easily replaceable, ensuring your operation runs smoothly for years.

Promac HSM Skid Steer Mulcher Features:

  • Heavy-duty, low profile frame design incorporates high-strength steel, full-strength welds, and smooth lines for durability, visibility, and no material hang up.
  • Easily replaceable wear parts ensure longevity and low cost of ownership.
  • Powerful and efficient variable torque piston motor.
  • Equipped with Promac’s proven next generation Chip Production Rotor (CPR) that offers 60” of cutting width at just 2,500 lbs.
  • Suitable for a high-flow skid steer.
Product Information
Promac Brush Mulcher HSS 60
Cut Width 60"
Approx. Weight 2500 lbs
Motor Size (cc) 107
Motor Type Bent Axis Piston
with Variable Displacement
Flow Pressure (PSI) 4000
Tooling Type Dual Knives, Carbides or Beaver Teeth
Tooling Number 34
Flow Min (GPM) 35

HSM Series Heavy Duty Skid Steer Mulcher

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