Promac LDM Excavator Mulcher

Manufactured here in North America and built specifically for 8 to 14 ton excavators the LDM makes quick work of brush and 6" diameter trees while requiring only 15gpm @ 5,000psi. This mulcher is available in 30" and 50" wide cut width and the drum can be equipped with your choice of three styles of cutter teeth to suit the working conditions. The mulcher is powered by a hydraulic variable torque bent axis piston motor with the Promac Automatic Torque Controller (ATC) for class leading productivity. Promac extensively utilizes high strength steel and wear resistant parts that are easily replaceable, ensuring your operation runs smoothly for years.

Promac Brush Mulcher LDM Features:

  • Extensive use of high strength steel throughout.
  • 55cc standard variable torque bent axis piston motor with available Promac ATC.
  • Rotatable and sharpenable blade style “chipper” teeth.
  • Bolted on dust seals help keep debris out of the machine bearings.
  • Welded-in skid shoes made of 1/4" AR400 wear plate.
  • Welded rear anvil made of AR400 plate.
  • Replaceable rotor stub-shafts with spherical roller bearings.
  • Direct drive with isolation coupler. Proven, effective protection for the mulcher drive motor.
  • Chip production rotor (bite limiter).
  • Options include excavator mount and rear chain bar.
  • Optional tooth configurations (adapters required): double carbide teeth, industry standard beaver teeth.


  • Land clearing.
  • Forest fire prevention.
  • Road development and maintenance.
  • Pipeline development and maintenance.
  • Trail development and maintenance.
  • Transmission line development and maintenance.
  • Railway development and maintenance.
Product Information
Promac Brush Mulcher LDM
Specifications LDM 30 LDM 50
Excavator Size (tons) Min: 6 | Max: 10 Min: 8 | Max: 15
Cut Width 30" 50"
Approx. Weight (1) 1200 lbs 1600 lbs
Motor Size (cc) 55 55
Motor Type Variable Torque
Hydraulic Bent Axis Motor
Variable Torque
Hydraulic Bent Axis Motor
Flow Min (GPM) (2) 15-30 15-30
Flow Pressure (PSI) 4000-5000 4000-5000
Tooling Type (Standard) Rotatable Knives Rotatable Knives
Tooling Number 16 28

Promac Excavator Attachment - LDM Series Mulcher

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