Promac Heavy Duty Mulcher Attachment

This robust, forest-rated machine delivers high production rates and a consistent mulch size. It is designed for operators working above ground level. Developed by in-house engineers working closely with customers, this line of mulching heads for excavators features precision-manufactured tooling, rotors, bearing housings, shafts and drive systems which have been tried and tested on the rugged and demanding terrain of the Canadian west coast for over 10 years. Reliable, durable and easy to maintain, the Heavy Duty Mulcher is backed up by Promac’s renowned warranty, service and customer support.

Promac Brush Mulcher HDM Features:

  • Available in three cut widths – 36", 48" and 60".
  • Heavy duty mulcher with the Promac Fixed Tooth Rotor (FTR) with rotatable quad tooling.
  • Designed to operate at a maximum of 2200 RPM.

Optional Features:

  • Carbide-faced tooling for longer wear in operations where contact with the ground is routine.
  • High performance rotor drive kit for rotor speeds up to 3000 RPM.
  • Variable displacement motor for faster rotor recovery and increased low speed torque.
  • Custom colors available


  • Land clearing.
  • Forest fire prevention.
  • Road development and maintenance.
  • Pipeline development and maintenance.
  • Trail development and maintenance.
  • Transmission line development and maintenance.
  • Railway development and maintenance.

Product Information:

HDM 36 HDM 48 HDM 60
Promac Brush Mulcher HDM
Specifications HDM 36 HDM 48 HDM 60
Excavator Size (tons) 13+ 20+ 22+
Cut Width 36" 48" 60"
Approx. Weight 2800lb 3000lb 3200lb
Motor Size (cc) 80 107 107
Motor Type Bent Axis Piston Bent Axis Piston Bent Axis Piston
Flow Min (gpm) 35 45-50 45-50
Flow Pressure (psi) 4000 4000 4000
Tooling Type Quad Quad Quad
Tooling Number 24 26 28

Promac Brush Mulcher HDM Series

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