Major Equipment Synergy Outfront Rotary Mower Deck

This innovative rotary mower deck is designed for use with the Kubota F Series, Shibaura, Iseki SF series, Ransomes HR300 and John Deere 1400/1500 Series II outfront power units.

There are two models available; 64 and 74 decks. The MAJOR Synergy mowing deck gives a professional striped finish at incredibly fast forward speeds. Strenx™ 700 MC high-strength steel is used to manufacture this mower making it nimble and light weight, yet very strong. Castor wheels allow the mower to follow the grounds curves and undulations to give a beautifully striped cut.

Major Equipment Synergy Rotary Mower Deck Features:

  • High-wear blade system.
  • Adjustable castor wheels.
  • A 6 blade overlap and high blade tip speeds.
  • Ideal for sports pitches and parklands.
  • Adjustable rear-roller with internal roller bearings, to match desired cutting height.
  • Gear driven; mows in a variety of grass lengths.
  • Shock-absorbent couplings between gearboxes.
Product Information
Major Equipment Synergy Outfront Rotary Mower
MODELS MJ61-175 MJ61-200
Working Width 64" (1.62m) 74" (1.88m)
Overall Width 69" (1.75m) 79" (2.00m)
Power (HP) 20 HP 20 HP
PTO rpm 2100 rpm 2100 rpm
Cutting Height ¼" - 4 ½" ¼" - 4 ½"
Rotors 3 3
Blades 6 6
Weight 610 lb. 640 lb.
Blade Tip Speed 16340 fpm 16340 fpm

Major Equipment Synergy Mower Deck

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