Major Equipment Front Mounted Roller Mower

Suitable for mowing in a variety of locations such as military bases, airfields, verges and race courses these are front mounted versions of our established rear-linkage, rigid and winged mowers. They provide a great option where visibility is an issue in that they allow a 180° spread of view over the cutting path, from the tractor cab.

These models incorporate all of the superior qualities found in our rear attached versions. For the ultimate in one pass mowing they can be used in combination with a trailed unit to cover the maximum ground per pass with no wheel marks.

Major Equipment Front Mounted Roller Mower Features:

  • Produced from Strenx 700 MC high-strength steel.
  • No wheel markings with a floating deck.
  • Gear driven drive line, eliminates the problems associated with belt driven mowers.
  • Internal roller sealed bearings give total protection against moisture and soil.
  • 6 PLY tyre on the castor wheel for extra durability.
Product Information
Major Equipment Front Mounted Roller Mower
MODELS MJ71-190F MJ71-240F MJ71-340F MJ71-400F
Working Width 75" (1.90m) 94" (2.40m) 134" (3.40m) 157" (4.00m)
Overall Width 79" (2.0m) 98" (2.50m) 137" (3.48m) 163" (4.16m)
Transport Width 79" (2.00m) 98" (2.50m) 75" (1.90m) 75" (1.90m)
Power (HP) 25-70 HP 30-80 HP 40-90 HP 50-100 HP
PTO rpm 1000 1000 1000 1000
Cutting Height ¼" - 5" ¼" - 5" ¼" - 5" ¼" - 5"
Rotors 3 4 5 6
Blades 6 8 10 12
Weight 1047 lb. 1234 lb. 2072 lb. 2425 lb.
Blade Tip Speed 14764 fpm 14764 fpm 14764 fpm 14764 fpm
Mowing Rates (Acres/hr at 7mph) 5.3 6.7 9.5 11.4

Major Equipment Front Mounted Roller Mower

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