Herder Tree Shear

The Herder tree shear can be used to cut bushes, branches and even whole trees. Two strong gripper arms ensure the cut material is held firmly. This allows the cut material to be brought down in a controlled manner. Herder tree shears are available in two variants: the KS650 and the KS860.

The use of high-quality materials in combination with the construction of the gripper arm bearings and blades guarantee a long life time. The design of the blades and the choice of cylinders also ensure a clean cut without splinters. The fixing of the blades and cylinders permits fast and efficient working. The tree shears are fitted with a collecting fork as standard for better control of the cut material.

Tree Shears for Excavators

There are two types of tree shear in the Herder range: the KS650 and the KS860. The KS650 is suitable for excavators weighing 3 to 8 tonnes. The KS860 is suitable for excavators weighing 8 to 18 tonnes. Both models have been developed to cut big tree trunk diameters. The KS650 can easily cut tree trunks of Ø20cm, while the KS860 can deal with tree trunks of up to Ø30cm. Due to the large cylinders, the KS860 is fitted with a dual-speed mechanism. This ensures the blades and gripper arms to close more quickly if they do not encounter resistance.

Herder Tree Shear Features:

  • Suitable to cut bushes, branches and even whole trees.
  • Ensures a clean cut without splinters.
  • Available in two variants: the KS650 and the KS860.
Product Information
Herder Tree Shear Attachment
Excavators: 3 until 18 tons
Connection: Double-acting hydraulic function
Required Hydraulics: 60-80 l/min or 80-100-80 l/min
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure: 300 Bar
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure: 250 Bar
Weight: 450 kg

Collection Gripper

Step 1

The tree shear can optionally be fitted with a collection gripper. This option is available on both models. This function allows multiple branches to be cut and collected together before they are put down. The collection gripper reduces the number of swivel movements the excavator has to make, which leads to enormous time savings when cutting individual branches or small trees and bushes.

Step 2

During cutting, the 2 “heavy” gripper arms ensure the branch is held steady. To cut the next branch, the gripper arms have to open together with the blades. The collection gripper is useful at this stage. To prevent the cut material from falling, the collection gripper must be closed. In this way, the cut material is held in place by the collection gripper, so that the gripper arms can be opened to cut the next branch.

Step 3

The above steps can be repeated until the collection gripper is full. At that moment, the collected material must be put down.

Herder Tree Shear

Tilt Function

If the tree shear is often used to cut branches, a tilt function is useful. The tilt function allows the shear to be positioned perpendicular to the branch. This results in a clean cut. The tilting mechanism is placed between the shear and the excavator connection. The tilting mechanism can swivel 100°, of which 50° is to the left and 50° to the right. The tilting mechanism, in combination with the bucket cylinder, means almost any branch can be cut cleanly.

Herder Tree Shear

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