Herder-Fermex Stump Cutter SCT-410H

The SCT-410H model comes standard with caterpillar tracks instead of wheels. SCT stands for Stump Cutter Tracked. The caterpillar tracks allow the machine to get into areas that cannot bear much weight. The width of the caterpillar undercarriage can be adjusted hydraulically from 79 cm to 107 cm. In the narrow setting, this machine is excellently suited to reaching places with difficult access, such as narrow lanes, narrow garden gates and back gardens. The wide setting at 107 cm guarantees extra stability, so that you can also work on slopes.

Herder Stump Cutter Features:

  • Self-propelled stump cutter with own motor.
  • 32 HP diesel motor.
  • 79 cm wide to reach the most inaccessible places.
  • Cutting depth approx. 42 cm, cutting width approx. 138 cm.
  • High cutting power with a speed of 28 metres per second.
  • Standard caterpillar undercarriage with adjustable width.
  • Bulldozer blade.
Product Information
Herder Diesel Stump Cutter
Engine 32 HP diesel engine
Working Width 79 cm
Transmission Hydraulic
Cutting Depth Approx. 42 cm
Cutting Width Approx. 138 cm

Herder Fermex Stump Cutter

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