Herder One

In its 70th jubilee year, Herder introduces a new concept for the maintenance of verges and ditches. It is a concept that focuses on safety, ergonomics, economy and employability. The result of 70 years of experience is found in this concept. The Herder One originated from the idea that arm and vehicle should become one. It delivers one superior quality product, has one service point for maintenance and be the number one solution for all maintenance on verges and ditches.

The Advantage of One Concept

The Herder One has many benefits to the user. This begins with the rotating cabin, which gives the operator maximum overview of the work. This not only increases safety but also comfort, because the operator will be in the perfect position for working and travelling. The cabin rotates independently to the throttle which increases comfort even further. Herder has set up the cabin well, creating a pleasant workplace. A workplace that of course is equipped with all sorts of luxury including the unique Herder control for the arm and attachments.


The Herder One is a versatile machine which can be combined with a mowing bucket or a flail mower. Of course, it is also possible to use the machine with other Herder attachments like the crash barrier mower or the weed brusher. This versatility means that the machine can be used all year long, as easily at the waterside as well as along a motorway.

Ready for the Future

This revolutionary self-propelled vehicle is a high-tech system for sustainable agriculture. This project has partly been enabled by a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund, as a part of the innovation program OPZuid.

Product Information
Herder One
Engine Diesel engine 224hp
Length 480 cm
Width 255 cm
Transport Height 400 cm
Tyres 600—70/R30 tyres, 60 cm wide
Wheels Four wheel drive and steer
Turning Circle Approx. 9 metre
Arm Mid-mounted

Herder One

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