Herder Musketier-Y (Unimog)

Herder Musketier-Y Arm Mower

The introduction of the Herder Musketier-Y gives road maintenance a different meaning. The Musketier-Y is a combination of reliability, durability and ergonomics. Traditional craftsmanship is combined with advanced technology. All this with an unprecedented result. The operator works comfortable and precise at any speed.

The Herder Musketier-Y comes standard with a two piece boom. Thereby, the machine has a reach of approx. 7 meters from the heart of the vehicle. Work can be carried out on both sides of the vehicle, with a maximum visibility at any time. Moreover, the operator is assured of the comfort of Nivotronic.

When you choose for a standard Herder Musketier-Y, you will have access to a complete and full featured Herder machine. However, it is possible to let us build a Musketier-Y which corresponds exactly to your personal requirements. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Reach From the centre:
up to 7.1 meters to the right
and 6.85 meters to the left
Vehicle Weight ca. 500 kg
Vehicle Working Width ca. 120 cm
Swivle Range 180ยบ revolving
Required Flow
on Vehicle Hydraulics for Tools
Minimum Pressure
on Vehicle Hydraulics for Tools
280 Bar
Required Flow
on Vehicle Hydraulics for Booms
Minimum Pressure
on Vehicle Hydraulics for Booms
200 Bar

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