Herder Multi-Blade Circular Saw

Herder Multi-Blade Circular Saw

Herder's multi-blade circular saw is a household word on the market. The standard model has three saw blades. A model with four saw blades is also available as an option.

The Herder multi-blade circular saw is suited admirably to topping windbreaks and rows of shrubs and trees. Specialists active in this field use this work tool more than any other.

The multi-blade circular saw is also the best solution for pruning work involving overdue maintenance, where normal hedge clippers cannot cope because the branches have become too thick.

With the multi-blade circular saw you achieve a beautiful end result. Both visually and financially. A taut, clean cutting pattern that you achieve in less time. With the multi-blade circular saw you can work faster than with extremely heavy hedge clippers.

Working Width 210 cm
Required Hydraulics 80 L/min
Required Hydraulic Pressure 250 Bar
Maximum Hydraulic Pressure 350 Bar
Weight 380 kg

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