Herder Kantonnier Vacuum Mower

The Kantonnier is a compact, self-propelled mower-vacuum combination. It can reach speeds up to 80 km/h, which means it can also be driven on the motorway. Thanks to its relative compactness, the Kantonnier can perform road verge maintenance from the emergency lane. The running costs per hour of the self-propelled Kantonnier are low, mainly because of its multi-functionality and speed. Apart from mowing and vacuuming grass in summer, in winter the Kantonnier can also be put to excellent use shredding wood trimmings; all you have to do is fit a wood clamp to the jib and a shredder to the front lever.

As a self-propelled vehicle the Kantonnier is technically very sound and its extended options are also proven to be both functional and practical. Its maneuverability is a major advantage; the Kantonnier is very easy to turn thanks to the four-wheel steering. And with no trailer coupled behind, driving in reverse is just as easy as driving forwards. Another great advantage is how easily the Kantonnier can mow both to the right and to the left of the vehicle. This is an important safety feature because it means you can always work in the same direction as the traffic.

Herder Kantonnier Vacuum Mower Features:

  • Compact, self-propelled mower-vacuum combination.
  • Can be driven on the highway - reaches speeds up to 80km/h.
  • Multi-functional.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • 4 wheel steering.
  • Can mow on both sides of vehicle.
Product Information
Herder Kantonnier Vacuum Mower
Rotating Reach 270 degrees
Side Shift 80 cm
Working Reach with Eco-Mower 150 6.70 m
Pump Capacity Working Tools 130l/min max 330 bar

Herder Kantonnier Vacuum Mower

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