Herder Flail Mowers

Herder Ecomower

Herder Ecomower

Herder Ecomower Features:

  • Ideal for mowing tall growth with branches and irregularities.
  • Adjustable counter knife, to mow more or less finely.
  • Eco setting which uses less power, is more economical.
  • Swift rotating flails to cut and move the vegetation.
  • Can be coupled to all kinds of machines.
  • Chain guard for safety.
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Herder Ecological Mower

Ecological Mower

Herder Ecological Mower Features:

  • Causes minimum damage to flora and fauna.
  • Capacity is comparable to that of a clapper mower.
  • Can be used where clapper mowers are forbidden.
  • Very efficient, due to the application of the circular mowing principle.
  • Needs less power, and therefore less fuel, reducing running costs and environmental impact.
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Herder Sidearm Flail Mower

Sidearm Flail Mower KMA

Herder KMA Sidearm Flail Features:

  • Boom configuration allows for the longest reach possible.
  • Perfectly suited for all types of landscape.
  • Powerful transmission.
  • Chain guard for safety.
  • Suitable for mowing between and around trees and other obstacles.
  • Mower deck swings behind the tractor to bypass obstructions, and does not have to be folded.
  • Integrated sideshift system, which allows for minimum maneuvering.
  • Solid trustworthy flails made by the Herder Company are wear-resistant.
  • The mower is adjustable starting in the middle of the tractor up to 4.0 meter and has a lateral adjustable length up to 3.1 meter.
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Herder Standard Flail Mower KMV

Standard Flail Mower KMV

Herder KMV Standard Flail Features:

  • Suitable for use in combination with a mechanically driven side or arm flail mower.
  • Includes an option to mount a conveyor belt or a bucket instead of a safety screen.
  • Available in 225, 275 and 300 centrimetre cutting widths.
  • 75 cm Sideshift diminishes the need for unnecessary maneouvring.
  • Built for heavy work under extreme circumstances.
  • Robust and exceptionally reliable.
  • The best standard flail mower, built for one long and sustainable life cycle.
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Herder Kantonnier Vacuum Mower

Side Flail Mower KMZ

Herder KMZ Side Flail Features:

  • Available in 180, 225 and 275 centrimetre cutting widths.
  • Can be combined with a KMV standard flail mower to double the width.
  • Built for heavy work under extreme circumstances.
  • Provided with a lateral vegetation waste outlet, as well as a suction ventilator.
  • Safety screen is easily changed to allow mounting of a conveyer belt or a bucket.
  • Lifting function allows you to mow effortlessly on all waterway banks and in shallow ditches without causing damage.
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