Herder Ecomower

The ecomower is ideal for maintaining bushy vegetation like roadsides. ‘Loosely’ hanging flails attached to a rotating rotor mow the vegetation. The swiftly rotating flails cut off and remove the vegetation, which is ejected at the back of the mower hood.

The advantage of the ecomower is that it can mow tall growth with branches and irregularities. Moreover, you can set the adjustable counter knife to chop the mown vegetation more or less finely. Mowing in this ‘eco’ setting also uses less power, making the Herder economical to use.

The ecomower comes in the following widths: 130, 150, 180 and 225 cm

Herder Ecomower Features:

  • Ideal for mowing tall growth with branches and irregularities.
  • Adjustable counter knife, to mow more or less finely.
  • Eco setting which uses less power, is more economical.
  • Swift rotating flails to cut and move the vegetation.
  • Can be coupled to all kinds of machines.
  • Chain guard for safety.
Product Information
Herder Ecomower
KMU130.SS+AF 40 x 12 approx. 130 cm approx. 397 kg
KMU150.SS+AF 40 x 12 approx. 150 cm approx. 417 kg
KMU180.SS+AF 40 x 12 approx. 180 cm approx. 481 kg
KMU200.SS+AF 40 x 12 approx. 200 cm approx. 511 kg
KMU225.SS+AF 40 x 12 approx. 225 cm approx. 561 kg
KMUW130.SS+AF Heavy-duty wood flail approx. 130 cm approx. 434 kg
KMUW150.SS+AF Heavy-duty wood flail approx. 150 cm approx. 478 kg
KMUW180.SS+AF Heavy-duty wood flail approx. 180 cm approx. 526 kg
KMUW200.SS+AF Heavy-duty wood flail approx. 200 cm approx. 566 kg
KMUW225.SS+AF Heavy-duty wood flail approx. 225 cm approx. 629 kg

Herder Ecomower

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