Herder Boom Mower

Herder Extension Booms

Herder supplies a standard extension piece to increase the reach of your excavator. The standard version is suitable for (medium-sized) excavators up to 12 tonnes. Herder supplies a reinforced model for excavators larger than 12 tonnes. The extension piece is delivered as standard with a bucket carrier with two positions: discharge on the excavator’s side, or discharge on the other side.

Herder Boom sets for Medium-sized Excavators

Herder has the perfect solution for increasing the reach of medium-sized excavators (approx. 5 to 9 tonnes). You can decide to replace the original excavator boom completely by a Herder boom set.

Herder Boom Sets for Special Excavators

Herder can also provide appropriate boom sets (mowing bucket booms) for special excavators like Mecalac and Gallmac machines. The first part of the original boom is not replaced for these excavators. That part is expanded with 2 ‘mowing bucket booms’.

Custom-built Boom Sets

Herder can also build a boom to meet your needs and requirements.

Product Information
Herder Boom Mower

Herder Boom Mower

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