Herder Attachments

Herder Ecomower

Herder Ecomower

Herder Ecomower Features:

  • Ideal for mowing tall growth with branches and irregularities.
  • Adjustable counter knife, to mow more or less finely.
  • Eco setting which uses less power, is more economical.
  • Swift rotating flails to cut and move the vegetation.
  • Can be coupled to all kinds of machines.
  • Chain guard for safety.
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Herder Ecological Mower

Ecological Mower

Herder Ecological Mower Features:

  • Causes minimum damage to flora and fauna.
  • Capacity is comparable to that of a clapper mower.
  • Can be used where clapper mowers are forbidden.
  • Very efficient, due to the application of the circular mowing principle.
  • Needs less power, and therefore less fuel, reducing running costs and environmental impact.
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Herder Crash Barrier Mower Attachment

Crash Barrier Mower

Herder Crash Barrier Mower Features:

  • Suitable for roadside maintenance.
  • Can mow around obstacles and under crash barriers with ease.
  • Two sets of blades, driven by a hydraulic motor.
  • Optionally, can be equipped with a collecting unit with hoses.
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Herder Mowing Bucket

Mowing Bucket

Herder Mowing Bucket Features:

  • Mowing bucket for ditch maintenance.
  • Available in light and heavy models.
  • Suitable for various machines, including Herder Grenadier.
  • Available in various working widths, max. up to 8.60 m.
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Herder Stump Cutter Attachment

Stump Cutter

Herder Stump Cutter Features:

  • Driven by a hydraulic motor.
  • Suitable for grinding away tree trunks (stumps) and surface-growing roots.
  • Suitable to use with any Herder machine.
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Herder Weed Brush Attachment

Weed Brush

Herder Weed Brush Features:

  • Removes weeds from road verges and places that are difficult to reach.
  • Standard equipped with an adjustable cylinder mounted on the frame for setting the brush to the correct angle.
  • Herder quick-fit connection.
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Herder Dredging Bucket Attachment

Dredging Bucket

Herder Dredging Bucket Features:

  • Suitable for dredging tasks above and below water.
  • Suitable for Herder Grenadier and Cavalier.
  • Available in three working widths: 1.00 m – 1.50 m – 2.00 m
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Herder Water Pump Attachment

Water Pump

Herder Water Pump Features:

  • Suitable for rapidly draining a ditch for horticultural purposes.
  • Employable for reasons of urgency.
  • Can be deployed from a distance.
  • A flexible solution for pumping out water from hard-to-reach places.
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Herder Hedge Mower Attachment

Hedge Mower

Herder Hedge Mower Features:

  • Working width of 150 cm.
  • Suitable for mowing hedges with a diameter of up to 35 mm.
  • Equipped as standard with a triple rotating head.
  • Easily cut in all positions and reach all sides of the hedge.
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Herder Hedge Clipper Attachment

Hedge Clipper

Herder Hedge Clipper Features:

  • Working width of 300 cm.
  • Suitable for maintaining hedges and trees.
  • It is suspended on a machine with a jib.
  • Can be used vertically or horizontally.
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Herder Multi-Blade Circular Saw Attachment

Multi-Blade Circular Saw

Herder Multi-Blade Circular Saw Features:

  • The best solution for pruning work involving overdue maintenance and thick branches.
  • Standard model has three saw blades.
  • Can reach places that are usually difficult to reach.
  • Suitable for topping windbreaks and rows of shrubs and trees.
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Herder Circular Saw Attachment

Circular Saw

Herder Circular Saw Features:

  • Suitable for pruning tree branches of 2 to 20 cm in diameter.
  • Can be fitted with more than one saw blade.
  • Can reach places that are usually difficult to reach.
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Herder Leaf Vacuum  Mower Attachment

Leaf Vacuum

Herder Leaf Vacuum Features:

  • Suitable for clearing up strewn leaves and emptying leaf baskets.
  • Can easily be attached to a Grenadier.
  • Can clear a ‘path’ of about one meter broad.
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Herder Tree Shear Attachment

Tree Shear

Herder Tree Shear Features:

  • Suitable to cut bushes, branches and even whole trees.
  • Ensures a clean cut without splinters.
  • Available in two variants: the KS650 and the KS860.
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Herder Forestry Mower

Forestry Mower

Herder Forestry Mower Features:

  • Suitable for mowing rough overgrowth such as brush, shrubs and small to medium-sized tree stumps.
  • Highly suited for heavy work.
  • Standard with a heavy hydraulic folding front.
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