Energreen RoboMINI

Remote Controlled Mower

RoboMINI is a remote controlled mower designed to work safely on slopes up to 50° in any direction and in very narrow areas. The particular design concept of this compact radio-controlled grass cutter, the low center of gravity and the oscillating movement of the tracks makes RoboMINI perfect for operating in rough areas, maintaining an excellent grip as it always remain in contact with the surface. Equipped with a 23 HP petrol engine, it can be fitted with various attachments, all quickly switchable by a dedicated system.

Energreen RoboMINI Features:


  • Multiple tools available.
  • Road and river maintenance.
  • Green maintenance and forestry work.
  • Agriculture and industry service.

Safety and Comfort

  • Compact radio controlled machine.
  • Operator in safety zone.
  • Excellent handling.
  • Easy to use and carry.

+ Productivity

  • 23 HP Engine.
  • Quick change of equipment.
  • Fast execution of work.
  • Reduced consumption.

Working on Steep Slopes

  • Excellent grip in all directions up to 50°
  • Oscillating movement of the tracks
  • Special oil sump
  • Low center of gravity
Product Information
Energreen RoboMini Remote Controlled Mower
Technical Data RoboMINI
Maximum Slope 55°
Speed 0 - 7 km/h / 0 - 4.3 mph
Transmission to Tracks Hydraulic
Transmission to Equipment Hydraulic
Machine Weight without Equipment 926 lbs
Engine Technical Data RoboMINI
Brand Briggs & Stratton
Type V-Twin Gasoline
Power 23 HP (17 kW)
Fuel Tank Capacity 4 gal
Working RPM 3600 rpm
Remote Control Technical Data
Brand Autec
Radio Frequency Bluetooth 2.4GHz
Working Range 492 ft
Joystick Proportional
Battery Rechargeable

Energreen RoboMINI

Energreen RoboMINI

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