Energreen ILF Athena

Professional Brushcutter Machine

Energreen ILF ATHENA is a professional brushcutter machine which, thanks to its innovative technological contents, offers unparalleled performance, great flexibility and operational safety. The machine is equipped with a 15-meter telescopic boom, where in addition to the classic mulching head, it is possible to apply several tools. At the front it is possible to equip the machine with a lifter with PTO or with a DIN plate, in order to apply a front accessory to be used simultaneously with the brush cutter arm.

Energreen ILF Athena Features:


  • The Energreen ILF ATHENA model mounts a 15 meter arm of undisputed high quality and great reliability. In addition to the classic cutting head, it is possible to apply various equipment for the care of road and river green, the reclamation of green and forest areas, winter roads, earth moving.


  • All-wheel drive with 4 steering wheels with three different types of steering: 2 steering wheels, 4 round and crab steering wheels.
  • Bi-directional work.


  • FOPS-ROPS approved cabin.
  • High visibility panoramic glass.
  • Excellent working ergonomics.
  • Stability check.


  • Work in both directions.
  • Maneuverability on all terrains.
  • Multiple attachments applicable simultaneously.


  • Reinforced frame in special steel.
  • Certified components.
  • Powerful and tested Tier 4f engine.
  • HEAVY DUTY hydrostatic transmission.


  • Maximum visibility (360°) thanks to the large windscreen for a total and perfect view of the work environment.
Product Information
Energreen ILF Athena Brushcutter with Multifunctional Arm
Steering Wheel Adjustable
Joystick Electronic
Rotary Lamp Switch in the Cabin
Air Conditioning Electronic
Rear Window Darkened Anti UV
Seat Air Suspension, Adjustable
Power Socket for Devices 12 V
Battery Switch Automatic
Cabin Safety FOPS-ROPS
Machine Weight 18,000 kg
Brand Deutz 6.1
Type 6-Cylinders Diesel
Power 220 hp (160 kW)
Injection Common Rail DCR
Emissions TIER 5f
Alternator 12 V - 150 A
Air Engine Intake Pre-heated
Radiator Intercooler
Fan Reversible, Self-cleaning
Engine Data Visualization Onboard Computer
Fuel Tank Capacity 300 Liters
Hydraulic System
Pump and motors in closed circuit:
Cutting Head Pump Pistons
Translation Pump Pistons
Pump and motors in closed circuit:
Arm Movement (LS) Pistons
Brakes System Gear
Steering System Gear
Hydraulic Distributor 6 Sections
Hydraulic Oil H46 Mineral
Oil Flow 65 - 240 l/min
Oil Pressure 210 - 480 bar
Flail Head Weight 460 kg (1.5 m model)
Transmission and Brake System
Transmission Hydrostatic
Traction Permanent All-wheel Drive 4x4
Speed Variation 0 - 40 km/h
Manual Gearbox 2 Gears
Wheel Alignment Electronic Control
Front Axle Oscillating
Front Axle Block Hydraulic
Steering Axles 2 Steering Axles
Axle Block Front 100%, Rear 100%
Parking Brake Negative
Service Brakes 6 Discs


The cabin is certified in terms of safety by FOPS-ROPS tests against the risk of overturning and falling objects, is adequately soundproofed, equipped with an efficient air conditioning system and equipped with all those requirements necessary to ensure the operator a working environment definitely safe and comfortable.

The rotation of the cab allows the mowing of the grass in both DRIVE directions, without the need to turn the machine with a significant reduction in time and labor costs. The rotated cabin allows the operator to maintain a correct body posture, avoiding stress and back or neck problems, as well as managing the work done in great comfort and attention.

Energreen ILF S1500 Rotating Cab
Energreen ILF S1500 Rotating Cab
Energreen ILF S1500 Rotating Cab

Energreen ILF Athena

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