Energreen ILF Alpha

Brushcutter with Multifunction Arm

A high technology level machine that guarantees high performances, safety and working flexibility. Born from an award-winning project recognized by the biggest costumer of the green maintenance. ILF Alpha does not lose the features which has made unique these tool carrier machines with telescopic arm: visibility, multifunctionality, ability, performance etc. ILF Alpha can be equipped with 3 different types of arm with different lengths which have various equipment.

Energreen ILF Alpha Features:


  • Three types of arm: T, F, 3P
  • Many tools available
  • Green maintenance, forestry work, winter viability.
  • Front and rear attachment for tools.


  • FOPS-ROPS homologated cabin.
  • 90° rotating cabin.
  • High visibility panoramic windscreen.
  • Excellent working ergonomics.
  • SCD Stability Control Device.


  • Telescopic arms up to 12 meters.
  • Bidirectional work.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability on all surfaces.
  • Easy and smart to use.
  • 360° visibility.


  • Schermo LDC 10″ ECI (Energreen Control Interface)
  • Special steel reinforced frame.
  • Certified European components.
  • JD 173 HP Stage V powerful engine.
  • Heavy Duty hydrostatic transmissions.


  • Maximum visibility (360°) thanks to the large windscreen for a total and perfect view of the work environment.


  • 2 front steering wheels, for maximum agility on road movement.
  • 4 steering wheels, a system that halves the turning range of the machine, ideal for working in narrow areas.
  • 4 parallel steering wheels (crab), useful for moving special tools or for moving away from an obstacle.
Product Information
Energreen ILF Alpha Brushcutter with Multifunctional Arm
Rotating Cabin Up to 90°
Steering Wheel Adjustable
Joystick Electronic
Air Conditioning Electronic
Rear Window Darkened Anti UV
Adjustable Seat Air Suspension
Power Socket 12 V
Battery Switch Automatic
Cabin Safety FOPS-ROPS
Brand John Deere 4.5 4045CI
Type 4 Cylinder Diesel
Power 173 hp (129 kW)
Injection Common Rail - 4 valves
Exhaust Emissions EU 2016/1628 Stage V
Alternator 200 A
Air Engine Intake Pre-heated
Radiator Air Intercooler
Fan Reversible, Self-cleaning
Fuel Tank Capacity 245 Liters
AdBlue Capacity 23 Liters
Hydraulic System
Closed Circuits:
Cutting Head Pump Piston
Translation Pump Piston
Open Circuits:
Arm Movement Gear - Optional: Piston
Brakes System Gear
Steering System Gear
Hydraulic Distributor 6/7 Sections
Oil Flow Attachment 160 l/min
Oil Pressure Attachment 290 bar
Transmission and Brake System
Transmission Hydrostatic
Traction 2x4 - 4x4
Speed Variation 0 - 40 km/h
Manual Gearbox 2 Gears
Wheel Alignment Electronic
Front Axle Oscillating
Front Axle Block Hydraulic
Steering Axles 2 Axles
Axle Block Front 100%, Rear 100%
Parking Brake Negative
Service Brakes 8 Discs
Dimensions and Weight
Length 5960 mm
Height 3990 mm
Width 2540 mm
Wheelbase 2500 mm
Machine Weight without Equipment 13800 kg

Three Different Geometries

Energreen ILF Alpha Arm T

T8 – T10 – T12 Meters

Energreen ILF Alpha Arm F

F9.5 – F11 – F12 Meters

Energreen ILF Alpha Arm 3P

3P 9.5 Meters

Extreme 360° Visibility

Energreen ILF Alpha Rotating Cab

Visibility is an essential element for a correct and safe use of the machine while working and moving, and has always been one of Energreen strengths!

Energreen ILF Alpha has a comfortable and spacious cabin, equipped with a large windscreen which allows the operator to have an efficient and total view of the work, keeping a high level of comfort and physical wellness. In terms of safety, the cabin is certified by FOPS-ROPS tests: anti-tipping, against the risk of falling objects, soundproofed, provided with an efficient cooling system, and equipped with all that features necessary to assure the operator a safe and comfortable working environment.

Rotating Cabin

Energreen ILF Alpha Rotating Cab
Energreen ILF Alpha Rotating Cab
Energreen ILF Alpha Rotating Cab

The rotation of the cab allows the operator to cut the grass on both directions, without rotating the machine and saving time. The rotating cabin allows the operator to always keep the correct body posture, avoiding stress and backpain or stiff neck, as well as managing the work with great comfort and care.

Energreen ILF Alpha

Energreen ILF Alpha

Energreen ILF Alpha Forestry Head

Energreen ILF Alpha Forestry Head

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