Energreen RoboEVO Attachments

Energreen RoboEVO Mulching Head Attachment

Head 130

Energreen Mulching Head:

  • Ideal for the cutting of grass and shrubs up to a diameter of 1.2 in.
  • Strong and reliable cutting head, built in high resistance Strenx® steel.
  • Can be equipped with a rotor with hammers or with Y flails.
  • Adjustable cutting height.
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Energreen RoboEVO 130HForestry Head Attachment

Forestry 130 H

Energreen Forestry Head with Rotary Hammers:

  • Ideal for the cutting of grass, shrubs and reeds, up to a diameter of 1.5 in.
  • Strong and reliable forestry head, built in high resistance Strenx® steel.
  • Equipped with a swinging blades rotor, able to grind the cut material.
  • Can be equipped with a push bar to direct the falling vegetation.
  • Adjustable cutting height.
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Energreen RoboEVO Forestry Fixed Teeth Attachment

Forestry 130 T

Energreen Forestry Head with Fixed Teeth:

  • Ideal for the cutting of shrubs and reeds, up to a diameter of 1.9 in.
  • Strong and reliable forestry head, built in high resistance Strenx® steel.
  • Equipped with a with a fixed teeth rotor, able to grind the cut material.
  • Can be equipped with a push bar to direct the falling vegetation.
  • Adjustable cutting height.
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Energreen RoboEVO Stump Grinder Attachment

Stump Grinder

Energreen Stump Grinder:

  • Frame built in high resistance Strenx® steel.
  • 12 teeth made of tungsten carbide.
  • Rubber sheath to protect from accidental projection of waste material.
  • Can grind a stump of 39 in in only 100 minutes.
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Energreen RoboEVO Rotary Mower Attachment

Rotary Mower

Energreen Rotary Mower:

  • Designed to cut and grind the grass in very fine parts, leaving them on the ground as a natural fertilizer (mulching technology).
  • Cutting width of 60 in.
  • Frame entirely made of steel, four pivoting wheels and three double blades made of steel.
  • Equipped with an "Anti-Scalp" roller.
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Energreen RoboEVO Rake Attachment


Energreen Rake:

  • Professional tedder rake designed to turn and air the hay that had been previously cut, in order to accelerate the process of drying.
  • Frame and pulleys are made of high resistance steel.
  • Sturdy and versatile, is fitted with two front hand levers for an easier regulation of height and direction.
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Energreen RoboEVO Brush Attachment


Energreen Sweeper:

  • Useful for cleaning squares, road edges and paths even on slopes.
  • Frame is made of steel and the bristles are made of synthetic material for a better resistance and durability.
  • Equipped with pivoting wheels and hydraulic jacks to adjust the inclination.
  • Working width of 60 in.
  • Can be equipped with a hydraulically driven collection bucket (optional).
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Energreen RoboEVO Forklift Attachment


Energreen Fork:

  • Robust steel forks.
  • 31" long.
  • Useful for transporting and moving goods, up to a maximum weight of 660lbs.
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Energreen RoboEVO Tipping Bucket Attachment


Energreen High Tipping Bucket:

  • Strong and reliable tool for moving and transporting vegetation waste and material in general.
  • Useful for earth moving and grading in narrow areas or areas with reduced height.
  • Two hydraulic cylinders allow the product to be loaded from a height of 25 in for a working width of 51 in.
  • High resistance Strenx steel frame.
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Energreen RoboEVO Grapple Bucket Attachment

Grapple Bucket

Energreen Grapple Bucket:

  • Bucket with upper biting device hydraulically operated, ideal for the transfer of waste or other vegetal loose material.
  • Made of high resistance Strenx steel.
  • Can load up to 661 lbs for a volume of 5.2 ft3.
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Energreen RoboEVO Land Blade Attachment

Land Blade

Energreen Land Blade:

  • Appropriate for the maintenance of roads, and the removal of dirt, leaves and other material.
  • Steel blade.
  • Equipped with shockproof springs, support feet and wheels for a better adherence on the ground.
  • +/-20° blade inclination through hydraulic cylinders.
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Energreen RoboEVO Trencher Attachment


Energreen Trencher:

  • Designed to perform digging operations up to a depth of 35" with a width of 5" to 8".
  • Reinforced and provided with springs to absorb bumps during work.
  • Adjustable support foot for depth control.
  • Tungsten carbide chain excavation system offers longer tooth life and reduced vibrations in difficult conditions.
  • Available in different tooth configurations for excavation in soft, mixed, hard or icy terrain, or asphalt.
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Energreen RoboEVO Rotary Tiller Attachment

Rotary Tiller

Energreen Rotary Tiller:

  • Ideal for tilling and grinding the soil.
  • Equipped with a rotor with 4 hoes for each flange and adjustable slides.
  • Steel frame.
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Energreen RoboEVO Rotary Harrow Attachment

Rotary Harrow

Energreen Rotary Harrow:

  • Useful to: break clumps of dirt or turf before sowing, to till the soil and bury the fertilizer.
  • Frame is made of steel, wear-proof, and shock-proof.
  • Equipped with a tubolar roller and a two knives rotor.
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Energreen RoboEVO Sprayer Attachment

Sprayer EG400

Energreen Sprayer:

  • Suitable for pesticide and fungicide treatments on vineyards and fruit trees.
  • Has a capacity of 200 liters.
  • Can be equipped with an herbicide bar (optional).
  • Can mount a reel (optional) with a manual water gun, to work in the most inaccessible and rough areas.
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Energreen RoboEVO Forestry Winch Attachment

Forestry Winch

Energreen Forestry Winch:

  • Ideal tool for forestry works, green maintenance or land reclamation.
  • Made entirely of steel.
  • Equipped with disc brake: a safe system that requires no maintenance (self-locking).
  • The unique “Dead Man” security system guarantees maximum safety and complies with international safety standards.
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Energreen RoboEVO Chipper Attachment


Energreen Chipper:

  • Ideal for shredding and chopping branches and vegetation.
  • Designed to shred group of branches, trunks, or vegetal waste with a diameter up to 3.5 in.
  • Equipped with an adjustable conveyor for the discharge of the cut material.
  • The chopped material can be ejected directly on the soil or collected in container for transport.
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Energreen RoboEVO Blower Attachment

Snow Blower

Energreen Snow Blower:

  • Designed to remove snow along routes and in narrow areas or in locations difficult to reach.
  • Hydraulic adjustable chimney in galvanized steel, that can reach a rotation angle of +/- 100°.
  • Wear-resistant steel blades.
  • Front propellers with ice breakers.
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Energreen RoboEVO Snow Blade Attachment

Snow Blade

Energreen Snow Blade:

  • Ideal for cleaning and removing snow from roads, sidewalks, squares, car parks, ramps, etc. and in areas with steep slopes.
  • Plastic or steel blades, hydraulically adjustable.
  • Inclination of -/+ 20° through hydraulic cylinders with pressure relief valves.
  • Equipped with pressure springs for overcoming unexpected obstacles.
  • Blade is fitted with base feet and supporting spinning wheels.
  • Easy substitution of the knife.
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Energreen RoboEVO Trimmy Arm Attachment


Energreen Multifunctional Arm:

  • Designed to work in areas that are difficult to access.
  • Arm can extend up to 138" in depth and 177" in height.
  • Multiple attachments available such as the cutting head, the hedge cutting bar, the disc blade and the steel brush.
  • Steel frame.
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Energreen RoboEVO Umbrella Attachment


Energreen Interceptive Umbrella:

  • Perfect for collecting olives and fruits on steep slopes.
  • Can hug plants with a single trunk but also with two or more to a maximum diameter of 39 in.
  • Umbrella is equipped with a bucket with a collecting capacity up to 330 lbs.
  • Net is available in different diameters, and it is easy to attach or detach to allow the operator to finish the collection in the more internal branches.
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