Energreen River Bucket

Weeding/Mowing Bucket
200-250-300 cm

Energreen River Bucket is a sturdy professional mowing bucket, useful in reclamation work, for cleaning the banks of canals, rivers, water slides, dams, etc. It can be completely submerged under water to cut and remove any type of vegetation present, in order to avoid the obstruction of the regular flow of water.

Energreen River Bucket is equipped with quick couplings for quick hooking to the boom, a mechanical tilting system for self-leveling, a hydraulic jack that regulates its inclination and strong tungsten carbide cutting blades moved by an orbital motor with eccentric movement.

Energreen River Bucket is made entirely of high-resistance Hardox® steel and available in three different working widths: 200 – 250 – 300 cm.

Product Information
Energreen River Bucket Attachment
Working Width 200 cm 245 cm 305 cm
Relief Valve Std Std Std
Material Hardox® 500 Hardox® 500 Hardox® 500
Type of Hydraulic Motor Orbital Orbital Orbital
Pressure Working 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar
Flow Rate 55 l/min 55 l/min 55 l/min
Weight 270 kg 320 kg 440 kg

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