Energreen Forestry Head

Forestry Head with Fixed Teeth
100 - 120 cm

Professional high performance forestry head, designed to be applied to all booms of the Energreen ILF self-propelled range. Perfect for the shredding of trees, bushes and branches up to a maximum diameter of 20 cm.The Energreen Forestry Head has a sturdy frame, completely made of Strenx 700® high strength steel. This steel offers the possibility to reduce the weight of the equipment, thus ensuring to increase the stability of the machine even at the maximum working distance with the telescopic extension arm.

The Energreen Forestry Head is equipped with 8 cm side skids in Hardox 450® wear-resistant steel and a vigorous 406 mm diameter rotor with 28/32 tools. An interchangeable counter blade is mounted on the back.

The Energreen Forestry Head is available in two different working widths: 100 and 120 cm. It is equipped with a hydraulic opening that facilitates the entry of the material (vegetation or timber); lowering it allows you to adjust the shredding of the material. The hydraulic drive, thanks to high-pressure piston motor and toothed transmission belt, guarantees excellent operation. The maximum pressure hydraulic valves protect the hydraulic circuit from shock or accidental blows.

Product Information
Energreen Forestry Head Attachment
Working Width 1060 mm 1260 mm
Max Width 1240 mm 1440 mm
Cutting Diameter 200 mm 200 mm
Rotor Diameter 406 mm 406 mm
No. Tools 28 32
RPM 1900/2000 rpm 1900/2000 rpm
Weight 460 kg 490 kg

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