Energreen Conveyor Head

Forestry Head with Conveyor Belt
120 – 150 cm

Energreen Conveyor Head is a cutting head whose frame is built in Domex steel. Based on the experience of the New Speed project, and well-established on the experience acquired over the years, it differs from a traditional classic cutting head with a larger dimension of the output channel for residual cut material. This allows for the installation of a conveyor belt – hydraulically operated – which avoids residual vegetation falling immediately behind the cutting head. It is ideal for picking up and directing cut material out of the work zone.

The Energreen Conveyor Head is recommended, in particular, for the maintenance of river areas (canals and embankments, etc.) because it is able to cut the vegetation and throw cut materials off (through the conveyor belt) at the same time, up to 2 m away from the point of cutting. The Energreen Conveyor Head is particularly appropriate in those areas, where cut grass does not have to fall into rivers and ditches’ water, permitting a better maintenance of water pumps or other related watercourses’ plants. The hydraulically operated conveyor belt can rotate both ways, allowing continuous work on both sides of the ditch and where to direct cut material.

Product Information
Energreen Conveyor Cutting Head Attachment
Width 1380 mm 1680 mm
Max Working Width 1190 mm 1390 mm
Depth 1160 mm 1160 mm
Height 660 mm 660 mm
Cutting Diameter 20 mm 20 mm
Weight 420 kg 450 kg

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