Energreen Attachments

Energreen New Speed Cutting Head Attachment

New Speed

Energreen Cutting Head:

  • Ideal for cutting grass and shrubs up to 8 cm in diameter.
  • Available in two working widths: 120 and 150 cm.
  • Rotors can be quickly replaced by one operator.
  • Able to mount six different types of rotors: knives, hammers, multi-purpose knives Y, etc.
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Energreen Conveyor Forestry Head Attachment

Conveyer Head

Energreen Forestry Head with Conveyor Belt:

  • Available in two working widths: 120 and 150 cm.
  • Built with Domex steel.
  • Suitable for picking up and directing cut material out of the work zone.
  • Recommended for the maintenance of river areas (canals and embankments, etc.)because it is possible to cut the vegetation and throw cut materials off at the same time, up to 2 m away from the point of cutting.
  • Hydraulically operated conveyor belt can rotate in both directions, allowing the operator to work continuously on both sides of a ditch, while having the ability to decide where to direct cut material.
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Energreen Forestry Fixed Teeth Attachment

Forestry Head

Energreen Forestry Head with Fixed Teeth:

  • Professional high performance forestry head, designed to be applied to all booms of the Energreen ILF self-propelled range.
  • Available in two working widths: 100 and 120 cm.
  • Perfect for shredding trees, bushes and branches up to a maximum diameter of 20 cm.
  • Sturdy frame, made of Strenx 700® high strength steel.
  • 8 cm side skids in Hardox 450® wear-resistant steel.
  • Vigorous 406 mm diameter rotor with 28/32 tools.
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Energreen Saw Blade Attachment

Saw Bar

Energreen Cutter Discs Bar:

  • Bars are constructed with a robust high-strength steel frame.
  • Working width from 108 to 262 cm.
  • Can mount 2 to 5 cutting discs with a diameter between 60 and 90 cm.
  • Discs made of forged tempered steel and moved by a hydraulic gear motor through a belt drive.
  • Suitable for pruning shrubs and small plants up to a maximum diameter of 15 cm.
  • Designed to be applied to all booms of the Energreen ILF self-propelled range.
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Energreen Cutter Bar Attachment

Cutter Bar

Energreen Cutter Bar:

  • Available in two widths of 175 and 235 cm.
  • Professional mowing bar used for green maintenance, mainly for cutting grass or forage.
  • The perfect "scissor cut" allows a high working speed and ensures a clean cut even in damp areas.
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Energreen Power Shears Attachment

Power Shears

Energreen Power Shears:

  • Professional branch cutting bar with automatic anti-seizing mechanism and high pressure valve.
  • Suitable for pruning hedges, shrubs and small plants up to a maximum diameter of 12 cm.
  • Robust steel frame with high wear resistance and two steel comb blades, one of which is movable.
  • Available in two working lengths: 155 and 225 cm.
  • Designed to be fitted, with professional hydraulic systems, to the arms of all Energreen ILF machines.
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Energreen Iron Brush Attachment

Iron Brush

Energreen Iron Brush:

  • Useful for mechanically removing weeds from road edges or from hard to reach places.
  • Equipped with a hydraulic cylinder for adjusting the inclination.
  • Working width: 700mm
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Energreen Stump Grinder Attachment

Stump Grinder

Energreen Stump Grinder:

  • Designed to remove tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disc with an oscillating arched movement.
  • Stumps and logs are shredded in order to allow the mixing of the woody parts with the ground.
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Energreen Pruning Scissors Attachment

Extra Trunk

Energreen Pruning Scissors-Pincers:

  • Professional tool for pruning shrubs and trees up to 20 centimeters in diameter.
  • Suitable for logging, thinning and cleaning of forests and pruning of vegetation on the roadside.
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Energreen Trunk Pincer Attachment

Trunk Pincers

Energreen Trunk Pincers:

  • An agroforestry gripper for handling tree trunks.
  • Offers an optimal grip of the load, through the particular geometry, designed to give a closing force superior to the standard.
  • Made of high strength and flexible materials to allow a quick and safe grip of the material to be moved.
  • Pins with internal lubrication.
  • Maximum load capacity: 850 kg
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Energreen Forc-One Grass Grab Attachment


Energreen Grass Grab:

  • Clamp with horizontal cylinder for agricultural use and maintenance of green areas.
  • Suitable for the handling of manure, pruning, wooden branches and little logs.
  • High yielding level pressed teeth which allow a fast and solid grip of the material.
  • Load capacity: 650 kg.
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Energreen River Bucket Attachment

River Bucket

Energreen Weeding/Mowing Bucket:

  • Professional mowing bucket, useful in reclamation work, for cleaning the banks of canals, rivers, water slides, dams, etc.
  • Can be completely submerged underwater to cut and remove any type of vegetation present in the water, in order to avoid the obstruction of the regular flow of water.
  • Equipped with quick couplings.
  • Mechanical tilting system for self-leveling.
  • Hydraulic jack that regulates its inclination.
  • Strong tungsten carbide cutting blades.
  • Made of high-resistance Hardox® steel.
  • Available in three different working widths: 200, 250 and 300 cm.
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Energreen Ditch Bucket Attachment

Ditch Bucket

Energreen Ditch Clearing Bucket:

  • Ideal for the maintenance of embankments and roadsides, cleaning of canals, rivers, water drains and environmental remediation works, where the shredded material collection is necessary in order to prevent clogging of the regular flow of water.
  • Available in two working widths of 100 and 150 cm.
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Energreen Ditch Cleaner Attachment

Ditch Cleaner

Energreen Sheet Ditch Cleaner

  • Made entirely of steel.
  • Suitable for any type of telescopic arm.
  • For the maintenance of the bottom of ditches, where it is necessary to cut and remove reeds, shrubs and debris.
  • Removes aquatic weeds and cleans mud and sediment, thus facilitating the drainage of water.
  • Useful for the creation of small new ditches.
  • Powerful hydraulic disc with carbide blades, adjustable safety deflectors and adjustable slides.
  • Cleans up to 1000 meters of ditches per hour with a maximum cleaning depth of 45 cm.
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Energreen Blower Attachment


Energreen Blower:

  • Powerful and compact professional blower.
  • High airflow blower with an impeller controlled by a hydraulic motor for high performance of work and cleaning.
  • 95° of blower rotation.
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