Eddynet Front-Mounted Mechanical Sweeper for 25hp Front Mower

PM24-05 / PM24-06

Eddynet Sweeper Features:

  • 16 gage hood which cover 180° of the brush.
  • 24"Ø brush in polypropylene or polypropylene and steel.
  • Brush width: 5'.
  • Brush is adjustable by the weight of brush.
  • Brush is supported by two ball bearings.
  • 2 100 RPM to 150 RPM gear box.
  • Anchor and lifting ring.
  • Two front 10.5 caster wheels (carefree).
  • Jack stands.
  • Manual orientation : 30° on each side.
  • Lifting device :two 2" tubes.
  • Brush is powered by the 2100 RPM PTO (1", 15 teeth).
  • Power transmission by sprockets and chains.
  • The suspension of the brush, often called the floating device, allows the brush to work in conjunction with the road oscillations.
  • Frontal and lateral oscillation.
  • Epoxy primer and urethane paint.
  • Approximate weight : 540 lbs (244 kg).
Eddynet Front Mount Mechanical Sweeper for Front Mower

Eddynet Sweeper Options:

  • 25 gallons water tank and support, pump and sprinklers.
  • Hydraulic orientation: 30° on each side.

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