Eddynet Airport Sweeper

Specialized Angle Sweeper


The REVV Series airport sweepers provide powerful, all-weather sweeping. Galvanized steel or plastic brushes remove snow and impurities from the ground to ensure safety during your operations. The REVV model can adapt to the front of wheel loader. In order to not hinder the projection of the snow, the wheels are positioned on the back of the sweeper.

Eddynet Airport Sweeper Features:

  • Sweeps when being pushed.
  • Hydraulic drive.
  • Recommended to be installed on the front of a tractor or wheel loader.
  • Up to 500 RPM for optimal cutting action.
  • Angle sweeper 32" or 36" diameter.
  • Brush is mounted on two flange bearings.
  • No radial or axial load on the motors.
  • Anchor and lifting rings.
  • Storage stands.
  • Hydraulic adjustable deflector.
  • 2 vibrators for de-icing the sweeper.

Brush Drive:

  • Requires 30 GPM (and above), for high and efficient rotation in the snow.
  • Brush speed is controlled by the carrier vehicle engine speed.
  • The brush is activated by 2 hydraulic motors.
  • Recommendation: the hydraulic hoses of the 3rd valve of the equipment to be minimum 0.75" in diameter.


  • Replaceable brush disks or cassettes 32" or 36" outside diameter.
  • Available widths: 9', 10', 12', 14', 16' and 18' wide.
  • Choice of brush bristles: galvanized steel or plastic.
  • Enforced bristles for up to 1000 RPM.
  • Disc type for easy removal when being replaced.


  • The hydraulic functions are controlled by the valve block on the sweeper.
  • The activation of the sweeper and the hydraulic angulation are controlled by a wireless remote.


  • Laser cut parts for high precision and enhanced design.
  • Tubular structure, robust construction.
  • 0,1875" steel hood, covering 135° of the brush.


  • Powder coat.
  • All parts are painted individually.

Rapid Travelling Spring:

  • The purpose of the travelling springs is to serve as shock absorbers caused by irregularities of the road. It comes as an alternative to replace air suspension (ride control).

Quick coupler:

  • Depending on the model of the carrier vehicle (dimensions may be required).

Caster Wheels:

  • 2 tandem wheels located on the back of the sweeper.
  • 18" diameter rear caster wheels.
  • Ensures controlled ground pressure.
  • Prevents tapered wearing of the brush and reduces excess pressure being put on the brush.
Product Information
Eddynet Airport Angled Hydraulic Sweeper Attachment.
Eddynet Airport Sweeper with Plastic Bristles

Plastic Bristle

Eddynet Airport Sweeper with Steel Bristles

Galvanized Steel Bristle

Eddynet Airport Sweeper - REVV

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