Eddynet Pick Up Angle Sweeper

Large Capacity Pick Up Sweeper


The FLEXX24" or 32" series pick up / angle sweepers provide efficient sweeping while maximizing the collection of the debris on the ground. The high-capacity bucket makes it possible to efficiently pick up debris and dispose of it directly on the ground or in a dump truck. The sweeper can also sweep in the angled position.

Eddynet Pick Up Angle Sweeper Features:

  • Sweeps when being pushed.
  • Hydraulic drive.
  • Recommended to be installed on loader arm of tractor or backhoe.
  • Brush diameter 24" or 32".
  • The sweeper has a brush flotation system allowing it to follow the variations of the road.
  • Pivoting quick coupler front/rear, left/right and 6" up/down slide.
  • The brush is supported by two ball bearings.
  • 4 anchor rings for handling and transportation.
  • Rubber travelling springs.
  • Adjustment of the brush pressure, on the ground, with two shock absorbers.

Brush Drive:

  • Requires a minimum of 12 GPM at 2000 PSI.
  • The brush is driven by one hydraulic motor mounted directly on the center core.
  • Motor driven by the hydraulic system of the carrier machine and controlled by the sweepers valve block.
  • The hydraulic holes from the pump to the third valve must be ¾" in diameter.
  • Hydraulic valve block to supply the brush, the opening of the hopper (bucket), angulation, gutter brush and lifting (optional).

Brush (Model FLEXX-24):

  • Replaceable disc brush, exterior diameter 24" with a 6 3/8" interior diameter (core).
  • Choice of brushes: polypropylene only or polypropylene/wire.

Brush (Model FLEXX-32):

  • Replaceable disc brush, exterior diameter 32" with a 10" interior diameter (core).
  • Choice of brushes: polypropylene only or polypropylene/wire.

Hydraulic Angulation (25 degrees):

  • Hydraulic angulation of 25° on each side.

Pick up Hopper (bucket) :

  • Lifting of the hopper 4" off the ground when sweeping left/right.
  • Pivoting of the hopper (bucket) by two hydraulic cylinders.
  • Hardened steel runners under the hopper for protection.


  • Laser cut parts for a better design and smoother finish.
  • Tubular structure, robust construction.
  • 16 gauge steel hood, covering 180° of the brush.


  • Powder coat.
  • All parts are painted individually.

Pivoting Wheels:

  • 2 or 4 load bearing wheels 4" x 8" no maintenance required.
Eddynet Pick Up Angled Hydraulic Sweeper Attachment.


  • 6 function electric solenoid valve.
  • Gutter brush (6 sections) with independent hydraulic lift function.
  • Hydraulic selector for gutter brush.
  • Electric hydraulic valve block to power the brush, opening / close the hopper, sweeper angulation right / left, move up / down and start the gutter brush hopper and angulation if only one flow control is provided on the carrier machine.
  • Wireless remote control.

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