Ecoblade: Eco-Friendly

Herbicide where you need it, not where you don't. No wind drift. No ground soak.

It's all made possible by the power of our WetBlade technology. By applying herbicide to vegetation as it's being cut, chemicals are directly absorbed into the remaining stalk and into the root at a faster rate than if treated separately. Cutting and applying the herbicide simultaneously, you'll use less herbicide for weed control — only about 2.5 gallons per acre.

Additionally, since the chemicals are not sprayed, there's no danger of excess chemicals soaking into the ground or floating through the air. The Ecoblade reduces the effect on the environment and keeps the operator out of hazardous conditions. With Flo-Thru Cell technology, operators' contact with chemicals is significantly reduced or eliminated.

Safe and effective, all at the same time.

Increased operator safety with virtually no chemical contact. Safe for roadside use and urban area.

Better for you. Better for the Earth.

Our reusable Flo-Thru Cell technology, which is delivered pre-mixed and ready to use, makes the Ecoblade an efficient and smart solution for industrial weed control. With virtually no operator contact with chemicals, The Ecoblade increases safety, while reducing spillage, waste and costs. And a Flo-Thru Cell supplier will handle delivery and disposal.

Diminish Waste.

Returnable and refillable containers lead to less landfill waste and reduce your liability for improper container disposal, chemical spills and environmental contamination.

Increase Safety.

Since Flo-Thru Cells rely on a closed-loop handling system and no mixing is required, there's less chance you or your workers will be exposed to harsh chemicals.

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