Bomford Twin-Blade Topper

The new more robust Bomford Twin-Blade is a flexible, efficient, in-line or offset topper. The Twin-Blade grass topper is perfect for paddocks and headlands.

The range extends from 1.8m and semi-offset (2.4m/2.7m) to 2.4m fully offset. The Twin-Blade also features cast-iron gearboxes and protected drivelines. Simple, adjustable skids on this machine are key to a smooth operation.

Bomford Twin-Blade Topper Features:

  • Shaft Driven
  • 1.8m, 2.4m offset and 2.7m cutting width
  • Variable cutting height
  • Shearbolt and overrun gearbox protection
  • Cat 1 or Cat II three point linkage
Product Information
Bomford Twin Blade Topper Mower
Cutting Width 1800mm / 5'11" 2400mm / 7'10" 2800mm / 9'2" 2400mm / 7'10"
Overall Width (Transport) 1970mm / 7'6" 2571mm / 8'5" 2971mm / 9'9" 1850mm / 6'1"
Power Requirement (PTO) 22kW (30hp) 22kW (30hp) 22kW (30hp) 22kW (30hp)
Linkage Mounting Cat I & II Cat II Cat II Cat II
Offset Capability Yes Yes No Yes
Fully Offset Right of Centre N/A N/A N/A 4350mm / 14'3"
PTO Speed 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm 540rpm
Number of Rotors 1 2 2 2
Number of Blade Carriers 1 2 2 2
Number of Blades 2 4 4 4
Number of Skids 2 2 2 2
Cutting Height 30-150mm / 1¼"-6" 30-150mm / 1¼"-6" 30-150mm / 1¼"-6" 30-150mm / 1¼"-6"
Weight 290kg / 640lbs 390kg / 681lbs 430kg / 948lbs 550kg / 1213lbs

Bomford Twin-Blade Topper

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