Bomford Robin Arm Mower

Bomford Robin Arm Mower

The Robin is a professional compact Arm mower - perfect for amenity and estate use and also a firm favourite with small farmers as it can verge mow or hedge trim just as well as some of our larger models.

Bomford Robin Mower Features:

  • 3.4m or 4.3m reach options
  • End drive cutting head or cutter bar
  • Electronic Proportional Controlled (EPC) optional
  • Front mount option
  • Low friction cable control
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Robin – Working Reach Dimensions

Head used for calcs: 905mm

Bomford Robin Arm Mower
3.4m (11'2") 4.3m (14'2")
A 3.4m (11'2") 4.3m (14'2")
B 3.0m (9′10″) 4.0m (13'2")
C 1.98m (6′6″) 2.98m (9'10")
D 3.3m (10'10") 4.3m (14'2")
E 4.3m (14'11") 5.3m (17'5")
X 1.00m (3'4") 1.00m (3'4")
Y 1.34m (4'7") 1.34m (4'7")
MODELS 3.4m (11'2") 4.3m (14'2")
Tractor Requirements
Minimum Horse Power 30-40hp 30-40hp
Minimum Weight 1300kg / 2866 Lbs 2000kg / 4409Lbs
Overall Machine Parameters
Machine Weight 594kg / 1310Lbs 670kg / 1477Lbs
Capacity of Oil Tank 80L / 17.6USG 80L / 17.6 USG
Weight of Machine with Oil but Without Head 464kg / 1023Lbs 530kg / 1168Lbs
Hydraulic System
System Capability  30hp  30hp
Pump Flow Rate 50L / 13.2USG 50L / 13.2USG 
Pump Type (Gear / Piston / Helical) Gear Gear 
Pump Arrangement (Twin / Tandem Inline) Twin  Twin 
Independent Hydraulics Standard Standard
Oil Cooler Not Available Not Available 
Arm Features and Main Frame
Telescopic Arm Not Available Not Available
Telescopic Arm Stroke Not Available Not Available
Power Slew Not Available Not Available
Power Slew Angle Not Available Not Available
Gravity Breakout Not Available Not Available
Hydraulic Breakout Standard Standard
Armfloat - Manual Optional Optional
Armfloat - Electronic Optional Optional
Headfloat - Manual Optional Optional
Headfloat - Electronic Optional Optional
Left Hand Cutting Optional Optional
Right Hand Cutting Optional Optional
MODELS 3.4m (11'2") 4.3m (14'2")
Base Mounting Options
Front Mount Optional Optional
Mid Mount Not Available Not Available
Rear Mount Standard Standard
Three Point Linkage (CAT II) Standard Standard
Axle Bracket Not Available Not Available
Arm Attachments Available
Variable Track Bracket (VTB) Not Available Not Available
Sheartrim Cutter Bar Optional Optional
Pro-Saw Optional Optional
Ditch Cleaner Not Available Not Available
Rotary Head Not Available Not Available
Cutting Heads
905mm Flail Head 102mmRoller Optional Optional
1000mm Flail Head with 102mm Roller Optional Optional
1.2m and 1.5m Cutterbars Optional Optional
Road Lights Not Available Not Available
Debris Blower Not Available Not Available
Warning Arrow - Magnetic Optional Optional
Cab Guard Kit Optional Optional
MODELS 3.4m (11'2") 4.3m (14'2")
Cable Control (CC) Standard Standard
Electronic Proportional Control (EPC) Optional Optional
Intelligent Control System (ICS) Not Available Not Available
Low Pressure Hydraulics (LPH) Not Available Not Available
Cable Rotor Reverse Optional Optional
Electronic Rotor Reverse Optional Optional

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