Bomford Falcon Evo VFA
Arm Mower

The Falcon Evo VFA (Variable Forward Arm) is perfect for contractors and municipal environments, where the added benefits of a forward arm is required to improve visibility.

The Variable Forward Arm incorporates a unique new parallel linkage system that enables the arm to be moved backward and forward parallel to the tractor making hedge trimming more effective and easier to control than ever.

Initially available as an option for the Falcon Evo 6.5T, the design of the parallel linkage system means that in addition to altering the reach of the mowing head, up to 6.5 metres from the tractor, from a position alongside the cab, the mowing head can be moved forward by 1.816 metres, or moved back by 0.903 metres, giving a total traverse of 2.719 metres.

The ability to alter not only the reach of the mowing head, but also its position parallel to the tractor therefore provides the operator with complete flexibility. It will allow him to position the mowing head alongside the tractor that suits him best for optimum visibility, so that whilst the reach is increased, so the head can be moved forward to keep it easily visible.

Also, when an obstacle such as a road sign is reached, this will allow the arm to be accurately maneuvered around the obstacle, leaving a cleaner, more professional finish and giving you a more satisfying verge mowing experience. By avoiding the need to shuttle the tractor backwards and forwards, this increases productivity and reduces driver stress and fatigue.

For operator convenience and ease of use, the unique new Variable Forward Arm design provides all the benefits of a rigidly fixed, mid-mounted machine, but with none of the drawbacks, because being fitted to the tractor using conventional axle brackets; the Falcon VFA can be quickly and easily removed. For transport, the compact folding of the VFA ensures that transport width is below 2.55 metres.

For even greater flexibility, where the mowing head needs to be used right up against the tractor, for instance when working in narrow lanes, a close cutting bracket is available that brings the head right close up to the side of the cab.

Bomford Falcon Evo VFA Mower Features:

  • 6.5m reach
  • Over 2m traverse on variable forward arm
  • Axle bracket mounted only
  • 125 l/min independent system
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Falcon Evo VFA – Working Reach Dimensions

Head Used for Calculations: 1.2m Pro Cut

Bomford Falcon Evo VFA Arm Mower
Side Reach - VFA 6.5m P (21'4)
A 6.5m (21'4)
B 6.83m (22'5")
C 4.61m (15'2")
D 6.03m (18'9")
E 7.66m (25'2")
X 1.6m (5'3")
Y 1.00m (3'4")
Bomford Falcon Evo VFA Arm Mower
Forward Reach - VFA 6.5m P (21'4)
A 6.61m (21'8")
F 5.93m (19'5")
G 6.4m (21')
H 1.82m (6')
J 0.9m (2'11")
Bomford Falcon Evo Arm Mower
MODELS Falcon Evo 6.5m P VFA
Tractor Requirements
Minimum Horse Power 120hp
Minimum Weight 4800kg / 10582Lbs
Overall Machine Parameters
Machine Weight with Oil and Head 2270kg / 5005Lbs
Capacity of Oil Tank 250 Litres / 66USG
Weight of Machine with Oil but Without Head 1980kg / 4365Lbs
Hydraulic System
System Capability 74hp
Pump Flow Rate 125 Litres / 33USG
Pump Type (Gear / Piston / Helical) Gear
Pump Arrangement (Twin / Inline) Twin
Independent Hydraulics Standard
Oil Cooler Standard
Arm Features and Main Frame
Forward Arm 1816mm / 73"
Telescopic Arm Not Available
Telescopic Arm Stroke Not Available
Power Slew Standard
Power Slew Angle 94°
Gravity Breakout Protection Not Available
Hydraulic Breakout Protection Standard
Arm Float - Manual Standard
Arm Float - Electronic Standard
Head Float - Manual Standard
Head Float - Electronic Standard
Left Hand Cutting Optional
Right Hand Cutting Optional
Left and Right Cutting Not Available
MODELS Falcon Evo 6.5m P VFA
Base Mounting Options
Front Mount Not Available
Mid Mount Not Available
Rear Mount Standard
Three Point Linkage (CAT II) Not Available
Axle Bracket Standard
Arm Attachments Available
Variable Track Bracket (VTB) Not Available
Sheartrim Cutter Bar Optional
Pro-Saw Optional
Ditch Cleaner Optional
Rotary Head Optional
Cutting Heads
1.2m Pro Cut with 115mm Roller Optional
1.2m Pro Cut with 150mm Roller Optional
1.5m Pro Cut with 115mm Roller Optional
1.5m Pro Cut with 150mm Roller Optional
1.2m Pro Cut ISMP with 115mm Roller Optional
1.2m Pro Cut ISMP with 150mm Roller Optional
2m HD head Optional
Road Lights Standard
Debris Blower Optional
Warning Arrow - Magnetic/Fixed Optional
Cab Guard Kit Standard
MODELS Falcon Evo 6.5m P VFA
Cable Control (CC) Standard
Low Pressure Hydraulics (LPH) Not Available
Electronic Proportional Control (EPP) Optional
Intelligent Control System (ICS) Optional
Cable Rotor Reverse Optional
Electronic Rotor Reverse Optional

Bomford Falcon Evo VFA Arm Mower

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