Bomford Arm Mowers

Our range of Bomford Arm Mowers provides a vast choice in both specification and budget. Starting from the smallest compact tractor to large watercourse management models, there is a model for every landscape. Machines are built to the highest standards with the utmost care and attention given to ease of control and operator comfort.

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Bomford Raven Arm Mower
Bomford Microklippa Arm Mower


The Bomford MicroKlippa arm mower is very popular with estate managers and horticulturalists who admire the MicroKlippa’s fine cutting capabilities when hedge trimming and the versatility of the right or left hand cutting.

Features Include:

  • 3.2m Reach
  • Left or Right hand Cutting
  • Cable or Electronic Proportional Controlled (EPC)
  • Front Mount Option and 16-22 litres per minute
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Bomford Robin Arm Mower


The Bomford Robin is a professional compact arm mower - perfect for amenity and estate use and also a firm favourite with small farmers as it can verge mow or hedge trim just as well as some of our larger models.

Bomford Robin Mower Features:

  • 3.4m or 4.3m reach options
  • End drive cutting head or cutter bar
  • Electronic Proportional Controlled (EPC) optional
  • Front mount option
  • Low friction cable control
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Bomford Raven Arm Mower


The affordable Bomford Raven is a rear mounted boom mower designed to meet the demands of smaller agricultural, horticultural, landscape and amenity customers, the rugged design ensures year after year reliability whilst keeping a compact design that can be suited from 40 hp tractors and upwards.

Bomford Raven Mower Features:

  • 4.0 m or 4.7 m reach options
  • Direct drive cutting head or cutter bar
  • Cable Control with low pressure hydraulics optional
  • Tubular 3pt linkage kit
  • Choice of flails
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Bomford Kestrel E Evo Arm Mower

Kestrel E Evo

The Kestrel Evo "E" hedge trimmer and verge mower, with a 5m reach and a choice of flail heads or a 1.5m sheartim cutterbar, is perfect for the farmer who needs professional features and robust design, offering real value for money.

Bomford Kestrel E Evo Mower Features:

  • 5m reach options – parallel standard
  • Choice of heads or 1.5m cutter bar
  • Twin Pump independent hydraulics
  • Cat II three point linkage mounted
  • Non parallel or parallel linkage options
  • Mechanical breakout protection
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Bomford Kestrel Evo S Arm Mower

Kestrel S Evo

The Kestrel “S” has been designed to provide significant reach for farmers who need to keep weight in mind whilst retaining the versatile features of a more expensive machine.

Bomford Kestrel S Evo Mower Features:

  • 5m or 5.7m reach
  • Parallel arm option
  • Front mount option
  • Choice of flails, heads and cutter bars
  • Power slew
  • Forward arm option
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Bomford Hawk Evo Arm Mower

Hawk Evo

The Hawk Evo is perfect for farmers, small contractors and municipal environments when needing to hedge trim or verge mow.

Bomford Hawk Evo Mower Features:

  • 5.4m, 6.0m or 6.5m reach
  • 1.2m Pro Trim head - 1.5m option on 5.4m & 6.5m
  • 104 l/min independent hydraulic system
  • 125 l/min option on 6.5m model
  • 94º of slew (max non parallel systems)
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Bomford Hawk Evo Forward Arm Mower

Hawk Evo Forward

The Hawk Evo Forward Arm is perfect for farmers, small contractors and municipal environments where the added benefits of a forward arm is required to improve visibility and minimize stress and fatigue.

Bomford Hawk Evo Forward Mower Features:

  • 5.4m or 6.0m reach
  • Heavy Duty Linkage
  • 125 l/min independent system
  • 1.2m or 1.5m cutting head
  • Non parallel
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Bomford Falcon Evo Arm Mower

Falcon Evo

The Falcon Evo range has been specifically designed for the large scale contractor.

With high specification options and a range of controls to select from, the Falcon range is the first choice for contractors.

Bomford Falcon Evo Mower Features:

  • 5.5m, 6.0m or 6.5m reach
  • Heavy Duty Linkage
  • 125 l/min independent system
  • 1.2m or 1.5m cutting head
  • Parallel option
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Bomford Falcon Evo Forward VGA Arm Mower

Falcon Evo Forward VGA

The Variable Forward Arm incorporates a unique new parallel linkage system that enables the arm to be moved backward and forward parallel to the tractor making hedge trimming more effective and easier to control than ever.

Bomford Falcon Evo VFA Mower Features:

  • 6.5m reach
  • Over 2m traverse on variable forward arm
  • Axle bracket mounted only
  • 125 l/min independent system
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Bomford B49FM 54FM 58TFM Arm Mower

B49FM 54FM 58TFM

The Bomford front mount range are designed with local authorities in mind, where front mounted operations such as verge cutting are required. There are numerous fitting options on this machine, for tractors, trucks and loading shovels.

Bomford Front Mount Mower Features:

  • 4.9m, 5.4m or 5.8m reach options
  • Front mounted
  • Low profile design for good forward visibility
  • 125 l/min fully independent hydraulic system
  • Left and right hand side cutting
  • DIN3 plate mounting option
  • Tractor front linkage option
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Bomford Buzzard Arm Mower


The Bomford Buzzard Evo range has been specifically designed for the large scale contractor and agency, with a large choice in specification, and fully proportional controls.

Bomford Buzzard Evo Mower Features:

  • 7.25m or 8m reach
  • 1.2m or 1.5m cutting heads
  • Oil cooled as standard
  • ICS fully proportional controls
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Bomford Eagle Arm Mower


The Eagle flail mower features a telescopic outer arm, giving it a maximum reach of 8.0 metres and the whole arm is mounted on a kingpost so that it can be slewed through 180 degrees for double sided, left or right-hand cutting.

Bomford Eagle Mower Features:

  • 8m reach
  • Left and right handed cutting
  • 137 l/min independent hydraulic system
  • 1.2m, 1.5m or 2m cutting head
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